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Big promises sound so good.

And because they sound so good we like to believe them.

I did that a couple of times with products similar to 24/7 Wealth Club, and guess what?

I got scammed!

No surprise there.

Whatever sound too good to be true, it probably is.

Still, to be fair, I did have a thorough look through what 24/7 Wealth Club has to offer and here’s what I found out:

Watch this video review I made or scroll down for the written out version. 

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What is 24/7 Wealth Club?



According to its promo page, this product is a done-for-you system, that will enable you to make up to $13,127 in the first week of using it.

The narrator doesn’t really explain what it is that you’ll be doing to make this nice amount of cash but they are pretty sure that you will make that money. 

All you need to do is to buy this software. 




24/7 Wealth Club is sold via Clickbank so you can get your money back.





1. We don’t know who is the owner of this software

‘Richard’, the narrator’s name, is just a pen name and we never find out who is the real creator of this product.


2. This is just a rehashed version of another Clickbank product CB Wealth

24/7 Wealth is almost exactly the same as CB Wealth. 

So, all they’ve done is changed the sale’s page a little bit (not by much, mind you) and gave it a different name.


3. Fake income claims

In the promo video, they just quote random names and numbers expecting us to believe these are genuine, without any proof whatsoever. 

I find this very misleading.

If you have clients who are really earning that much, why not get them to give testimonials and also show their verified proof of income?


4. Scarcity 

The creators of 24/7 also say there are only 9 places left on this program:

Well, this is just a bunch of PDF’s put together so there are as many e-digital copies as you like. Not only 9.

Another misleading statement.


5. This business will not be set-up in minutes

Not this nor any other business for that matter.

To say you just need to buy this product and the whole business will be set up for you and making you money in minutes is, again, very misleading.

There is no way you will have a working business in minutes.

Anything you do and wish to make a success of needs (some) time. 

You need to learn how to do it, how to implement your knowledge, and also you need to gain experience. 

So, no, minutes won’t cut it.


6. Training

1. Introduction

– overview

– cheat sheet

– mind map

– resource report

– ready-made sale’s page

– sale’s video

– legal pages

– graphics

– articles

– banners

– email swipes

This part is supposed to teach you how to sell on Clickbank. 

You also get the videos with similar content.


2. Selling on Amazon

Here, amongst other things you are given a PDF on traffic. 

You are presented with various ways on how to drive traffic to your site.

They mainly list all the different ways, and this is good info, but there’s a way too little information for you to do anything with it. 


3. FBA – Fulfilment by Amazon

Here, you are getting another PDF to show you how to sell your own products on Amazon.

Again, there’s some good info but not enough for the comprehensive training you need to actually make the money they claim you’ll be making in a week.


4. Wealth 2.0 

How to market on Instagram, Youtube, Twiter. 


5. 24/7 Wealth Pro

More info on social media marketing, traffic via videos, and email list building.


6. 24/7 Wealth Social

Training on how to market on Snapchat, Facebook, and Bing Ads. 


So, here you have many PDFs and some video training, on so many different topics. 


If I were just starting out, I would have absolutely no idea on how to start my online business.

Nor what to do next or how to scale it.

One PDF on a subject is simply not enough information for you to do anything with it. 


And, putting it all together is another story. 

This training as it’s presented in this product will not help you earn online.

What is lacking is a step-by-step approach where you will learn and implement as you learn.

Only then you will have the chance to master one thing before moving onto the next. 


7. Upsells

First: 24/7 Wealth 2.0 $197

Second: 24/7 Wealth Pro $177

Third: 24/7 Wealth Social $97



See how it can help you start your own inte