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Would you like to earn thousands of dollars every week?

Would you like to secure your financial future?

And if I told you there is a product promising to do all this for your, and without any effort from you, would you jump for joy, and yank your credit card to pay for this miracle?

Or would you continue reading this review to see if this is really possible?

Also, if you continue reading there is a guide on some useful money making stuff, waiting for you.

Let’s start!

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What is 30 Day Success Club?


30 Day Success Club is an e-product that promises to make you loads of money through a proven system.

From their sales video, we find out this system is automated, and hardly requires any work from you.

A woman called Denise tells us how she made huge amounts of money in a short period doing just this.

Now she is sharing it with you, all from the goodness of her own heart.

And for $37 to start with.

The video talks about the secret method, millions of people are using (not so secret after all) and you are going to be let in on this secret by buying 30 Day Success Club.

The ‘secret method’ is good ol’ affiliate marketing.

And, yes, Affiliate Marketing is an amazing method to make money!

And lots of money too!

Just not with this site.


You are also shown a lot of pictures of ruined cars, houses and similar, followed by pictures of brand new cars and brand new everything.

Why is this?

So that you would act and react emotionally and not question if any of the things 30 Day Success Claims are actually possible.

They want you to buy.

To buy now, part with your cash, and hopefully ask no questions later on…


Because you are not going to get much for your money!


How Does It Work?


This product does work – for its creators and owners.

It won’t work for you.

What you’ll get when you get into the member’s area is a website that is populated with Clickbank products.

Now, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Clickbank has some great products to promote.


However, you are never told, in advance, what is it that you’ll have to promote on your site, nor it seems to me, you have any choice on the matter.

So, just different products, your site and now what?

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Just a reminder – they said you would not have to do any work for this site. Just enjoy the profits!

However, when you do get the site, you are given the instructions to promote your website.

On social media, on forums, etc.

You are even told to make videos to promote it.


All these activities take a lot of time. And, you need to know what to do in the first place.

Since you are not provided with any real training regarding online marketing, you will be stuck.

Also, the best way to promote your site, and the way that is FREE is via SEO.

30 Day Success Club does not provide you with any training whatsoever on this subject.



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