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Would you like to earn money while you sleep?

Wouldn’t that be so great!

Well, Cash Formula System claims they’ll provide you with an automated system that will generate cash while you watch your TV!

How cool!

Or is it? Or is it even possible?

Read on to find out what is really going on here!

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What is Cash Formula?


 Cash Formula is an e-digital money making online product sold via Clickbank.

The owners claim they will provide you with an automated process for making money online through affiliate marketing.

They concentrate on selling through Amazon.




Since Cash Formula System is sold via Clickbank, you can get your money back.




1. No show owner

The supposed owner of this product, Michael Green is just a made up person. He does not exist and his picture is one taken from the internet.

If these people were so successful to have created tens of millionaires already, why would they have to use the stock photos to hide behind them?


2. Overhyped claims

cash formula claiming you can earn $100,000 in the next 30 days
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

There is no product online that will make you that sort of money in such a short time.

Especially if you don’t do any work.

These claims are so misleading: up to $5,000 in the next 24hrs or a $100,000 in the next month?!?

How can anyone say this and more importantly how can anyone believe this?


3. Testimonials 

All the testimonials provided in the video are fake.

The people who appear in the videos are all actors. You can find them on Fiverr.

Again, if you have a product that works and is bringing your clients money and success, why would you need to hire people to tell fake stories?


4. Scarcity

There is no limit to how many ‘purchases’ of this product can be made.

There is no limit to ‘spaces’ on this system.

The scarcity technique is used only to hurry you up to spend your money without having the chance to reconsider what you are buying.


5. Your business is not your own property

So, even if we imagine this system works (and it does not), why would you want to build your business on the Cash Formula property?

They can pull the plug any time and you will stay without your income in a flash.

Selling or doing affiliate marketing via Amazon is a legitimate business and a very lucrative one if you know what you are doing.

So, if you’d like to do that, why wouldn’t you learn how to go about it, and have your own site and get all the profits yourself?


6. Upsells 

Once you are in the member’s area, you are first shown various online tools you need to operate your website. 

This is one of the ways Cash Formula owners make money: through being affiliates with these companies. This is perfectly legit. 

What isn’t is that you are not told about the extra expenses when you part with the initial $37.