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Ah, to be working only 20min per day!

Not only working for 20min only but also earning a lot of money too.


Cash Sniper claims they’ll do just that for you.


I needed to investigate further because if this is true I don’t want to miss on an opportunity like this one.

So, I bought it to see what is it all about and this is what I found out:


Watch this video to hear and see all the details or scroll down for the written out, detailed



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What is Cash Sniper?


Cash Sniper is a new Clickbank product. 

It claims to have the automated system developed for you where you’ll be earning money

online very quickly and just through working 20-30min each day.

It offers some training on how to make money with affiliate marketing.


It also offers various affiliate links for you to use to buy a list of tools for your new online business.

At the very beginning you are offered to sign up for a webinar as well (John Crestani).





 1. You can get your money back via Clickbank

2. There is email support

3. Low entry price ($9)

4. PDFs are well written and give some useful information


First PDF 

Cash Sniper Main Guide

Here you will get some general information on: 

– What is affiliate marketing  

– How does affiliate marketing work

– How to pick your niche

– How to drive traffic to your website


Second PDF

Cash Sniper Secret Method

More general information on:

– How to set up your website

– Building your email list

– Squeeze pages

– Solo traffic

– FB Ads

– Social Media 

– EPC (earnings per click)


Third PDF

Cash Sniper X

– Setting up your YouTube Channel

Picking your niche

– Making your videos

– Monetization


Fourth PDF

Cash Sniper Booster

– Setting up your site (for Amazon product reviews)

– Product research on Amazon

– How to write your content

– On site and Off site SEO (search engine optimization)

– Google AdSense


So, here you have it – a summary of all the four PDF’s where you get a fair amount of information. 

I think these PDF’s are well written and most of the info given is relevant and can be helpful. 


The question remains, can you really make the promised thousands of dollars in a short time with this training?




1. Overhyped claims


On the first landing page for Cash Sniper, you can see they claim you can earn up to $3,500 – today!

Well, you can’t. 


Because, one day is not enough to even read and absorb all the information that you’ll find in the PDFs, let alone start earning money.



2. Scarcity technique in the initial sale’s page

Apparently, there are only a limited number of places for this product. 

I don’t understand why, because you’re not getting any video or 1-1 coaching so that the places could or should be limited. 

You can sell as many PDFs as you like.

Scarcity technique is used here just to hurry you up into buying the product. 


3. The training is good but it’s not enough to get you to be earning the promised amounts


As I’ve already said, you do get some good info on how to make money online through affiliate marketing with this product.

However, this is nowhere near enough to get your really working or earning online. 

The PDF’s are excellent as general guidelines and for you to decide if you wish to give affiliate marketing a go.


4. No way you can write a product review in 20-30 minutes. Very misleading


In the fourth PDF, you are given info on how to set up a site and earn through writing product reviews. 

The explanation is good but also quite misleading:

There is no way you can write a good product review in 20-30min. 

Just to do the research about one product will take you that time if not longer.


Just to be clear: 

Writing product reviews is a legit way of driving traffic to your site and making sales.

But, you just need to aware that is a tad more time consuming than just 20-30min.

I’d say a good 3 hours at least, to do the product research, writing your content, sourcing relevant images and uploading it. 


And another thing:

Your product reviews need to be longer than 500-800 words. 

Google prefers longer, good quality content, so 500 words just won’t cut it, especially if you plan to get organic traffic.


5. Upsells


When you pay for Cash Sniper, you are first taken through some landing pages where you are offered various upsells. 


The first one is for $197