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Would you like to get rich, and get rich fast?

Yeah, exactly. Who wouldn’t!

I don’t blame you for searching for products like CB Wealth Review and their methods that promise all the riches in no time.

When I see claims you can become a millionaire fast, honestly, I can not resist it. There is always a small part of me that believes this is possible.

I know, I know…


I should know better by now, having been scammed a few times and learning how to make money online in a legit way, you’d think I’ve learned my lesson.

Still, I like to find out if, maybe, one day, there will be a way to get rich without having to get the training, and without any work.

So, for this reason, I took interest in CB Wealth Review, and this is what I found out:


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What is CB Wealth Review?


CB Weatly Review is an e-digital product.

Its creators claim you will be earning loads of cash in no time and you won’t have to invest any work into it either.

It’s a collection of various PDFs and some video training on internet marketing in general.




This product is sold via Clickbank, so you can get your money back.




 1. No show owner

We are never told who is the owner of CB Wealth.

This is a red flag for many reasons. If you have a successful product why wouldn’t you want to show who you are?

Also, if you create a product, your potential customers will trust you more if they can connect with you on a personal level.

On the other hand, if you just create a product of low quality and are in for just a quick buck, I guess there is nothing else to do but to hide.


2. Exaggerated claims

The sale’s video claims you will be earning huge amounts of money in 24hrs! 


This does sound good. But, I’m sorry to say – no way, are you going to be making that sort (or any sort) of money in that time. 


3. Quality of PDF’s and training videos

It’s true you get quite a lot of information in the PDFs and the training videos. 

Sadly, the info is just the stuff you could get on Google for free.

There is no step-by-step approach. All the info is put together in a non-strategic way and you are left to your own devices to figure out what to do first and what to do last.

No person, who is just starting out in internet marketing would know what to do with what is offered in this product.

And, any person who is doing interned marketing already, knows this stuff anyway, so it would be of no use for them either.

I have no idea who is this product for.

Guess, it’s just to con you out of your money and hope you won’t ask for a refund.


4. Upsells

After you purchase the initial $37 package, you are offered three more. 

1st upsell CB Wealth 2.0 – $197

2nd upsell CB Wealth Pro – $177

3rd upsell CB Wealth Social – $97


However, when you pay for the first package, you also get access to the upsells as well. 

Not sure why or how.

In any case, I do hope you didn’t pay for any of the upsells. If you have, do ask for your money back!


5. You can not start nor run your online business in this way

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you can not start your business online with the information given in the training material of CB Wealth. 

There is quite a bit more one has to learn about before you can really earn money online.

Following this, so-called training, you will end up being frustrated because the promise of money in 24hrs turns out to be just a marketing trick.


6. Done for you system

In case you do try this product, you will be encouraged to promote products from Clickbank. 

This is a legit way of making money.

But, do you know how to promote various products or how to choose ones to promote?

You can make money by promoting products from Clickbank, sure, but there is no way you’d be making 25k in a very short period of time.


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Is CB Wealth a Scam?


Since you do get your money back if not satisfied and you do get some information, I can not call it a scam.

On the other hand, I won’t recommend it either.

The claims the CBW make are very misleading and downright dishonest (the testimonials are laughable).


What Could You Do Instead?


Well, I