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If you are looking to start working online and have been doing your research online, I’m sure you’ve come across Clickfunnels. This amazing online marketing platform is changing the way we market online. It’s full jam-packed with great tools to accelerate any business or business model.

Its owner, Russel Brunson built Clickfunnels on the premise of his belief that the end is nigh for the websites as we know them. Now, I don’t necessarily agree with him, but on the other hand, his way does work and once you start using Clickfunnels it’s easy to see why he (and many others) think that way.

There are so many things to talk about Clickfunnels, however, in this article, I shall only concentrate on Clicfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp.

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What is Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp?


affiliate bootcamp, 100 days to turn this hobby inot your full time career
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This is a program that Russel Brunson created for Clicfunnels affiliates to get better insight and strategies on how to promote Clicfunnels.

Since this platform can be a very lucrative platform to promote, it’s great to have some amazing and clear strategies lined out for us to learn from and (most importantly) implement.

Russel asked some of his most successful affiliates if they’d share their blueprints to success if they:

– had only 100 days

– no money

– no e-mail list.

These fascinating stories in the form of webinars are laid out for you to listen to, take notes and implement. These tactics have the aim to take you from the beginning stages to full time in 100 days.

There are countless ways and combinations on how to promote Clickfunnels, which is good news. The more challenging part might be deciding on which strategy might work best for you. You can watch these videos as many times as you like, take notes and maybe even devise a strategy of your own.

The Clickfunnels Bootcamp is free – you get each of the four days unlocked for 24 hours, which is plenty to watch through the videos for that day.

In case you’d like to have uninterrupted access to the training you can get this if you take the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Start Your FREE 14 Day Trial with ClickFunnels HERE!


Who Are the 15 ClickFunnels Super-Affiliates Sharing Their Secrets?

Steve J. Larsen (one of the coaches on the One Funnel Away Challenge)

Offer Creation and Publishing (Create an irresistible offer for your audience)

Dave Gambrill

Affiliate Foundation (Have your referrals stay with you month after month)

Rachel Pederson

Relationship Foundation (Build good relationships with your audience)

Peng Joon

100% Commission (Build you list for free)

Jim Edwards

Dominate Affiliate Leaderboard

Greg Jeffries

SEO Core 4

photos of clickfunnels' super affiliates
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Jacob Caris

Time Hacks (How to become a Super Affiliate when you have almost no free time)

Dana Derricks

Dream 100 (Become a Super Affiliate without spending money on ads)

Joe Marfoglio

YouTube (Create irresistible CF videos)

Spencer Mecham

Search (Find clients that are already searching for a solution)

Marley Baird

YouTube (Why is YT the best place to find leads)

JR Rivas

Value Organic FaceBook

Josh Rhodes

Local (Agency approach to generate affiliates)

Tyler S. Clark

Live Webinars (11 Actionable steps)

Billy Gean

Demonstration (How to demonstrate and guide your audience to their destination)

Start Your FREE 14 Day Trial with ClickFunnels HERE!


Why Should You Become ClickFunnels Affiliate?

The reasons are plentiful but here are some that you should really know about:

1. You get the training from Russel Brunson himself

2. 40% recurring commissions on every sale

3. Long sticky cookie

4. It’s FREE to join (e.i. you don’t need to be the user of Clicfunnels yourself to promote CF, but it surely helps because you’ll know the platform well and you’ll know what you’re promoting.

ClickFunnels has two pricing models:

$97 per month

$297 per month

This means when someone registers via your affiliate link you will get half of those amounts every month. Not bad!

Also, when you reach 100 sales, Russel Brunsons sends you $500 per month for your Dream Car. And for 200 sales you get $1000 per month for your Dream Car. This in itself is an amazing incentive and not seen often with other affiliate programs.

Clickfunnels have many other products available and because of the sticky cookie, your referral is yours even when they purchase something else at the later stage.

Here’s the list of some other products you might want to promote that will lead you to CF commissions:

1. DotCom Secrets

2. Expert Secrets

3. Perfect Webinar

4. Funnel Scripts

5. ClickFunnels 14 days FREE Trial

6. One Funnel Away Challenge

7. Affiliate Bootcamp

What is good about promoting any of these products is even if someone orders a free+shipping book via your affiliate link, Russel Brunson then takes over and basically promotes all the other higher ticket products for you.

Another amazing thing that I haven’t encountered as yet in any other affiliate program is that Russel Brunson gives you the emails of all the people who have signed up via your affiliate link so you can do your side of email marketing yourself as well.

I think this is invaluable, because, not only you can promote CF further to these people but you can promote any other affiliate offers that you might think suitable.


What Happens When You Join As an Affiliate?


When you join as an affiliate of Clickfunnels you get your affiliate links and introductory videos that take you through the affiliate program and the Clicfunnels so you get familiar with the platform.

Then, you should definitely take advantage of the free Affiliate Bootcamp and go through all the videos there, take notes and implement what you learn.

Now, I must stress that this is not a get rich overnight program. Yes, it might be possible you make money (and a quite a bit of it in the first 100 days), but keep in mind if you don’t work on your business every day and if you are not dedicated to learning new things, it’ll be very hard to make money with this and with any other affiliate program out there.

Start Your FREE 14 Day Trial with ClickFunnels HERE!


Clickfunnels Support


If you have any queries CF has fast and responsive support in place via email. I’ve had a few questions regarding my free membership and the support has been fast and efficient in solving my query.

Also, there are a few FaceBook Groups that are super helpful as well. ClickFunnels Avengers is a good place to start.




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