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Are you looking for a part-time job to make extra money?

Are you interested in e-commerce?

Would you like to earn $2,400 every day?

If you are, then Daily Profits might just be the answer to your prayers.


I like the idea of earning that much money every day, so this is why I decided to have a look at what Daily Profits is really about.

Also, with the claims they make, they look very similar to many other products I reviewed recently; not one turned out to be what they said.


So, can Daily Profits do for you what they say? Watch this video or scroll down to find out in my review.

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What is Daily Profits?

Daily Profits is a Clickbank e-digital product that has some training on e-commerce.

Apparently, you are going to learn how to make money doing dropshipping and selling via Amazon, EBay, and Shoppify.

The claims are that you are going to be a millionaire very soon.

Earning $2.400 per day is easy, according to their sale’s video and you should be making good money within 24hrs of starting your e-commerce business.


1. Daily Profits is sold via Clickbank, so you can get your money back easily.

2. This product is quite cheap, at only $7.




1. Fake owner

We don’t know who is the real owner of this product.

Garry Jennings is nowhere to be found on the net and I’m pretty sure is a pen name.

Why would you not want to show your face if you have such a successful product?

He says he’s a millionaire – a claim I find it hard to believe because there is no proof of any kind.

2. False scarcity

sale's page for daily profits
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On the sale’s page, it says there are only 8 copies of this product left, but of course, there are as many copies and you like.

It’s an e-digital product, and whoever wants to pay for it, they’ll get it.


3. Fake testimonials

Another red flag:

Hired actors to say scripted testimonials how they are earning huge amounts of money and how they did it easily and in a very short time.

Please, don’t believe this.

I’ve seen these same actors in other Clickbank products as well.


4. Exaggerated claims

There is no way you can earn the amounts