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How would you like to start making $3000 per day as of tomorrow?

I didn’t think this was possible, but apparently, I was wrong.

EB Formula creators, tell us it indeed is possible and all you need to do is purchase their product, click a few buttons, sit back, relax and watch your bank account grow! Wow!

There is nothing I’d like more than to sit back and relax, not do a thing and earn huge amounts of cash every day.

Since I’m not the most hardworking person in the world, this sort of thing does get my attention for sure. 

On the other hand, having tried some of these do-nothing-and-become-rich-in-an-instant products, I’m quite wary and don’t want to get scammed (again!).

Still, I checked it out and here’s what I found out. 

But, just as a small preview, let me say, I’m still here, working hard on my online business, every day…so I think you know which way this review went.

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What is EB Formula?


EB Formula is a software product sold via Clickbank.

Its name stands for Ebay Formula, and it will help you (or so they claim) earn money doing e-commerce on Ebay.

They have different softwares ready to set up your Ebay shop and start making you money in an incredible 20min time!





1. EB Formula is sold via Clickbank and you can have your money back should you find this product unsatisfactory (which you will). 





1. Overhyped Claims and Unrealistic Expectations


a banner saying make up to $3.624.18 on ebay today
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In the promo video for EB Formula there is no end to overhyped, downright crazy claims. Who, I mean, just WHO believes you can install a software on your comp, have a coffee while watching your favorite Netflix drama, and after the first episode you are earning big bucks?!? It’ll never happen.  

It’s sad the creators of this product are promoting unrealistic expectations of how easy it is to make money online. How they portray it is not true. Working online like any other business needs you to do some actual work to make money. 


2. Introductory video doesn’t mention the upsells


In fact, the introductory video doesn’t talk of anything of substance. There is some sob story about a friend’s betrayal, a rags to riches story. 

A lot of bragging about Ebay success and their profit and users numbers. Ebay itself has nothing to do with this product, yet the narrator in this video tries to make it sound like they are somehow connected. Very misleading. 

There are upsels for this product.

What does that mean?

It means, when you pay the initial price, you will just get your foot in the door and will have to be buying more stuff to get anywhere with this product. And my prediction is, you’ll only get into more debt and not make any money. 


3. Fake owner

There is no proof the person narrating the video is the owner. What always fascinates me is the owners of similar software are all gifted with actor’s diction and impeccable way of speaking.

My guess is, this is an actor and the person is just a made up character. 


4. Fake testimonials