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What are the possibilities of making money online doing ecommerce?

The possibilities are endless actually. However, maybe I am asking the wrong question.

How about:

What are the chances of making money by ecommerce without putting any work into it?

My answer would be: none.

But, the eCom Cash Crusher and eCom Crusher creators beg to differ.

This is why I wanted to find out more about these two software, and this is what I found out:

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What is eCom Cash Crusher?


ECCC is an e-digital product sold via Clickbank.

It promises to make you lots of money by taking out the hard work out of commerce for you.



Since it’s sold via Clickbank you can get your money back.

If you buy this product directly from their site, they do have a 60 days money back guarantee but, they’ll ask you further questions about whether you’ve implemented their ‘methods’ first.

So, if you are hellbent on wasting your money and time, at least do it via Clickbank so when the time comes to ask for your money back you can get it without additional hassle.



1. Overhyped claims

No, you can not earn over $2000 in the first week when you start e-commerce business, eCom Cash Crusher or not.

There is so much detail that goes into making an online business work, that an automated system simply can not do that for you.



2. The traffic

you generate via ECCC is not going to be traffic that will be focused on what you are selling and most certainly they won’t be buying from you.

Yes, it may show you have visitors to your online shop but they won’t spend money there.



3. You don’t actually know what it is you’ll be selling


So you pay for ECCC $47 but you actually have no idea what it is that you’ll be selling.

Why is this?

Because there are upsells you’ll need to spend the money on to get this program to even start working.

The initial price will just get you the door open.

To get the advertised version of ECCC you’ll need to reach into your pocket a lot deeper than they tell you in their sales’ video.



4. Your business is not your business if you set it up via eCom

Cash Crusher


How come?

Well, think about it. If these people go out of business (and they will: read on for more explanation on this), they’ll take you down with them. If you don’t get the regular updates and the customer support you don’t have the business.

This truly is not the way to go about building the business online.



5. Fake testimonials


All of the testimonials on this product (and its sisters’ products eCom Crusher and eCom Profit Sniper) are fake. You can find these same actors on Fiverr.

The owners of these products are so brazen they don’t even bother changing the actors who are doing the testimonials. And the testimonials almost all sound the same.

Everyone is earning bucket loads of money and doing no work. Hurray.



6. The owners are also fake


The creator(s) of these products are just a fictional character. They are nowhere to be found.

I’m not surprised they are in hiding. If I created a product that needed to be taken down every year because of its questionable quality and then had the audacity to launch it again, only under a different name and logo, I’d hide too.


So How Are eCom Cash Crusher, eCom Crusher, and eCom Profit Sniper Connected?



They are basically the one and the same product. Rehashed, over and over again, luring people to join and then disappearing.

For example, when you click on the link to go to eCom Crusher you are directed to eCom Profit Sniper sales’ page.

eCom Crusher is not in the game anymore, the two other ones are.

The first step:

an url for ecom crusher
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