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Welcome to my review of the Elite Marketing Pro.

MLM is a big business. But, is it always what is hyped out to be?

Since there are literally thousands of MLM products out there, it can be difficult to sift through and find the ones that are not suspect.



Elite Marketing Pro

Elite Marketing Pro is a platform for training in attraction marketing.


What is attraction marketing in MLM?

Attraction marketing is another name for the good ol’ internet marketing.

In times before attraction marketing, if you were selling through MLM, you’d try to convince the prospective buyer to trust the product. 

In Attraction Marketing you are getting the prospective buyer to trust you.

You build a relationship of trust between you and your leads.

After establishing the trusting relationship your audience will hopefully buy from you.


If you are buying a good Attraction Marketing Tool, what should you expect in the first place?


1. The attraction of a large number of targeted leads

2. Nurture the relationship with the ‘lead’

3. Generating income through the leads

4. Replicating the system for your own recruits

As I go through this review, I shall be referring back to this list to show if there is a real value, and especially value for money, in this product.


What’s on Offer in Elite Marketing Pro?

Elite Marketing Pro offers some great courses and training that will assist you in your online business.

There are literally hundreds of hours of instruction, tips, and online marketing techniques you can use to further your website’s success.

Here is the list of the courses offered in EMP:



Elite Marketing Pro Review
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Claimed total value: $6.376

Price: $297 Annually

Return Policy: 30 days money back guarantee

Training on getting more traffic and leads updated daily, weekly, and monthly. You will be learning with your designated 1:1 coach

Page Creator Pro Website Builder

Private Members Community Mastermind

Live ‘Hot Seat’ Webinars – Weekly

‘Begin to Win’ Webinar – Weekly

Insider Advanced Marketing – Monthly

1:1 Mindset & Marketing Coaching Sessions – Three (3)

License to 8 Elite Marketing Pro Lead Capture & Sales Systems

4-Step Fast-Start to Online Success Guide

Invite to Elite Marketing Pro Insider Affiliate Program



Elite Marketing Pro Review
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Claimed Total Value: $2997

Price: $997 or Three Payments of $427

Return Policy: 30 days money back guarantee

This course offers 7 Modules of step by step training in generating quality traffic to your business.

Module 1 – How and where to find your potential customers and how to best communicate with them in order to find out their needs.

Module 2 – How to design and write a great landing page. As a result, you can expect a more targeted audience, which in turn means more possible sales.

Module 3 – How to make great ads and generate more traffic using the power of social media.

Module 4 – How to develop a relationship with your customers so they become a long-term customers. Also, how to fund your advertising campaign before any sales.

Module 5 – How to organize your distribution; how to come across as an authority in your niche. How to generate organic traffic to your business.

Module 6 – How to start your traffic campaigns. Learn the Boomerang Traffic Method – over 80% more leads with no extra work.

Module 7 – How to use this program on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media.




Elite Marketing Pro Review
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Claimed Total Value: $391

Price: $47

Refund Policy: 30 days money back guarantee

How to create a list of high-quality leads

How to recruit your leads without cold calling

How to use the power of the internet and social media to get sign-ups

How to use email, and benefit from the automated system

How to be creative in finding more ways to earn with your network





Elite Marketing Pro Review
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