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Are you looking for some part-time work?

Here are FIVE different paid survey sites that you might want to check out if you are trying to make some income on the side.


I should come clean immediately and say that I personally think them all a giant waste of your valuable time.

There are much better ways to put your time and effort into making money online.

And doing paid surveys isn’t one of them.

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So, here we go!



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This site is a LEGIT.

It is easy to join.

Just fill in the registration form and give honest answers to the posed questions.

Can you make money with Survey Junkie?

Yes, you can.

However, even by their own admission, working on Survey Junkie won’t make you rich.

In fact, you will not be able to give up your current job if that is your ambition.

No surprise there! Earning some money on the side is possible.

Survey Junkie is also quite easy to use.

Different users get qualified for different surveys – this will directly impact your earning potential.

One of the complaints is that there aren’t enough surveys offered.

How do you get paid?

When you fill in the survey, you get points for it.

You can have your earnings redeemed by a gift card or get paid via PayPal.

The minimum amount for the payout is 1000 points which equal $10.

Your point will not expire as long as you stay active on the site.

Beware of the following:

Some users have reported of not being paid on time or in fact at all.

So, if you join Scout Junkie you will have to factor in this point.

When you get an invitation to fill in the survey for SJ, it doesn’t mean you immediately qualify for that survey.

Usually, there are some questions at the beginning of the survey which will determine if you are a suitable profile for filling in that particular questionnaire.

Referral Program: 

You get a commision for all of your referrals and for those that your direct referrals bring.

However, your affiliate link gets activated after 15 days and 100 clicks, and this is something to keep in mind if you are wanting to start an affiliate program with SJ immediately.




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Neobux is LEGIT.

It is easy to join.

You are asked to fill in your personal details and after that, you will be permitted into the member’s area.

Can you make money with Neobux?

Yes, you can.

However, this site, just like all the other PPC sites, will not make you rich, whatever else you read online!

It can make you some extra cash.

Referral Program:

Neobux pays only for direct referrals. That means you don’t get commision once your referrals bring in their own referrals.