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So, you are ready to start taking action in changing your financial reality and would like to affiliate marketing!


One of the first steps is to see how to pick a niche for affiliate marketing that will be the core of your business online.

I suggest you spend some time going over this, and not to decide in a haste.


To build a successful website you’ll need to put in quite a bit of work and spend quite a few hours of your time on various tasks that will be necessary to run your site.

It will be great if a year from now you are still loving your niche and loving writing about it.

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However, unless you do your research thoroughly, you may find yourself (ahem…like I did… more about that some other time) not really ‘feeling” your chosen niche.

As a consequence, you’ll feel resistant to learn more about the subject and even more resistant to sit and write 100+ blog posts about it.


Oh, yes, and before I forget to mention: without daily learning, writing, and promoting there will be no earnings – and this is why we are here, aren’t we?!


I’m not ashamed to say. I do this because I really enjoy it, but also because I’m earning a good income and can stay with my kids at home.

Which brings me to another point.


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There are several really profitable niches, and if you are just starting out, I’d recommend you stay within the boundaries of those.

I am not saying you can’t make money in other niches, but the key phrase here is ‘if you are just starting out’. 

There will be so much to learn, this is the one thing you don’t need to invent – just follow.

Within this list, I guarantee you’ll be able to find something you are interested in. 

Don’t worry if you want to be more adventurous, there will be lots of opportunities later on in your affiliate marketing career.

(So, don’t give up on your niche idea