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In this article, I’d like to show you how to start your blog for free.

Writing a blog is an opportunity to work from home and to have a better work-life balance. And, isn’t that what we’d all like to have?

Working full time leaves little time to stay with your family. Our best hours are spent working. Exchanging hours for money is how most people live, but what if you could change that in your life?

Working 9-5 often, only pays for the basic stuff. House, car, maybe a holiday.

 But, there are many more things one needs in life or should be able to afford if you are spending all those hours away from home, working.
When my children were born, I could stay with them at home.

 But, my heart hurt for every mother who had to leave her baby, often as young as six weeks(!) to go to work.

 So, if you are a mom thinking if there are ways of you working from home, running your own business – read on!


 Why Start an Online Business?


Working online gives you the freedom to work when it suits you. It’s important to say that you do have to work hard (just like you’d work at any other job).

 If you can organize your time and be diligent with doing the work, online business is for you.

 Also, you are your own boss! And as your business develops, you can even have your own team of people helping you to run your site.

 A year ago I had found myself in an unenviable situation where I simply had to find a way of working from home.

 With no money to start anything, I took to Google to search for a business I could possibly do without any upfront costs.

 This is how I came across affiliate marketing. What a revelation!

 The only problem was I had no idea how to go about doing the affiliate marketing.

 So for some months I kept looking for a place to learn about this, and have, in the process purchased a few courses. The information I got from those courses was not bad, but it just wasn’t enough to actually learn how to do affiliate marketing and everything else around it.



 Affiliate Marketing – What and Why?


 In affiliate marketing, you review and promote a product (physical or digital) or a service, and when someone Marketing the same via your website, you earn a commission.

 How cool!

 Why is Affiliate Marketing a good business model?

 No upfront capital

 No inventory

 No need to hire a store

 No paying of shipping costs

 Possibility to start if for FREE

 What you do need is a computer and an internet connection.
You also need to get some training and this applies to every job/business you might start.

 If you are worried about learning new skills – whichever job you start doing you’ll have to get some training and spend some time learning.

 Why not, then, learn something that will help you work for yourself and have your own site?

 If you educate yourself in affiliate marketing, this will help you and your family. Everyone will benefit from the investment you put in yourself.





 If you go online and search for courses on internet marketing, you will find an overwhelming amount of offers.

 I purchased a selection but didn’t get very far with it.

 The problem is always that no course (but one) includes ALL the information you need to start affiliate marketing.

 Some offer courses on how to set up your site, some on SEO, some on writing content, some on social media, but no course had this all in one place.

 The few that had, you have to pay for the up sells and spend lots and lots of money for every next bit of the info.

 Also, don’t forget, the internet marketing evolves every day, so you’d want a place that’s in on top of that as well.
So I found Wealthy Affiliate.

 They offer FREE trial membership (no need to give your credit card details, just email), during which time you can test drive the platform, see what is on offer.

 Then, you can decide at your leisure (because you can stay a FREE member forever!) if you want to go premium or not.


What you get with the FREE trial membership:


 Two website

High-Speeded Hosting (that is second to none)

 Access to 10 lessons

 Your site set up for business

 Your first piece(s) of content published

 Access to Jaaxy, a fantastic keyword tool

 An opportunity to ask questions of other members, many of whom are the world’s most successful affiliate marketers! Amazing!


Once your FREE trial week is over, you will have various options:

 Stay a free member: You can remain a free member forever, but you won’t have the access to the rest of the training, nor the access to the community.

 Both are great and very important:


Your training continues, and this being a fast-paced industry, there is something new to learn every day. There are hundreds of training options at WA – videos, webinars, written lessons, practical lessons, successful member’s blogs about their strategies and experiences.


Access to WA community is one of the ways I learn every day. It’s so valuable to have a more experienced affiliate marketer explain how they do things and how they achieve success. You can learn, copy and get the same result!




If you decide to go Premium (and I do hope you will, coz I know you will love it!) you can use my special discount and join for $19.

 $19!!!! That is a quarter of your daily Starbucks coffee (or even less!)

 What an amazing investment, and what an affordable investment in yourself as well.

 After the first month, your membership goes to also super-affordable $49, or if you go Yearly it’s $359.


Life changing opportunity for less than $1 per day!


You can cancel your membership at any time. You can keep your websites and all your work. They are always your and only your property. This is important to remember because many platforms keep your website hostage so you have to stay with them.

This is not the case with the Wealthy Affiliate.

Premium, $49 monthly gets you (hope you are ready for this):


What do I get with my Premium Membership?


 50 (yes, fifty) websites

 High speed, rivaled by none, hosting with 24hrs service and customer support

 Online Entrepreneur Certification Training – Five Courses (50 lessons)

 Affiliate Bootcamp Training – 7 Courses (70 lessons)

 Live, up to date, webinars about current trends and needs of your affiliate business

 New blogs and lessons on the latest trending online marketing topics

 Access to the WA community – your dilemmas resolved within minutes. You yourself can help other members too!




It’s been said, making money online is not easy but it is simple!

 This really is the case.

 However, affiliate marketing will not make your rich within months. You need to be prepared to put in some work and hours in your business to enjoy the passive income later on.

 To start your online business is easy with Wealthy Affiliate.

 Follow these simple steps and never look back:


1. Get your FREE Starter Membership (you only need your email address, no credit card)

2. Start Your Training ===> Chose Your Niche and Create Your Website

 3. Follow the Training ===> Start Writing Content for the Website (exciting!)

 4. Continue the Training ===> Promote Your Website and Your Content

 5. Now You Have a Business That is Growing and Soon Bringing You Passive Income. Nice!