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It’s so easy to succeed online, isn’t it? 



With so many tools out there to help you what could go wrong?

A lot, actually.


Tools are all very well, but only if you know what to do with them.

So, Insider Profit Groups is one of those tools. 

Not entirely useless, but if you are just starting out and wish to make money online, I strongly suggest you keep reading.

I’ve got some interesting info and it might just:

a) Save you money

b) Get you on the path to starting your very own online biz! Yeeeey!

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What is Insider Profit Groups?




Insider Profit Groups is an e-digital product, sold via Clickbank.

It’s a compilation of e-books on various topics:

FB Marketing








fb groups training outline: blueprint 1; fb marketing secrets; fan page profits
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Facebook Groups Training, consists of three e-books:

1. FB Groups Blueprint 1 – Introductory Overview of FB groups and key concepts

This e-book in mainly info on how FB came to be, the history of it and how many people used it then and nowadays.

It also talks about FB Groups and how they were introduced some years ago, to now become one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic to your business. 

The information served here is mostly generic stuff you already know. Or in any case, can find out about it on the net for free.


2. FB Marketing Secrets 

In this e-Book you are given instruction on how to form a FB group, how to get people to join the group and how to manage it.

There’s some useful info, but on the whole, it all sounds just like common sense. 

Still, there’s some value in reading it so if you have bought this product, do read through this section you might find something you can use.


The paradox here is, if you already have an online business and have been doing the affiliate marketing, you will not find this training useful, because you already know this stuff, otherwise you wouldn’t be where you are.


On the other hand, if you are just starting out, it’s good you read this, but you need to work on your business first so you have something to promote in your FB Group.

So, all in all, I don’t know who is really to directly benefit from this training. 


Insider Profit Groups is centered around the business model that uses FB Groups only. 

But you can’t have a sustainable business this way. 

You need to have your own site first, and then build a FB Group around that.


Who is going to join your FB Group when nobody knows who you are and what you do?

Nor can you show them what you do because you haven’t started anything yet.

Yes, you will be promoting other people’s products but even then you need to be seen as the authority and someone who knows what are they talking about. 

You can’t just plaster you affiliate links everywhere and hope for the best. 


3. Fan Page Profits

This eBook is about the advantages of having a FB Fan Page and having it maybe before you embark on having your FB Group. 

You can get people to like your Fan Page easier than to join the group.

Also, you can run FB Ads to get people liking your page.

FB Ads is always what’s recommended in the end. 

There is nothing wrong with FB ads, but you need to know how to go about. 


Again, if you are just starting out, do you really know who your audience is? Do you know how to best target them? 

Do you even have a large budget for your adds? 

The answer might well be ‘yes’ – but if it isn’t, then the claim that anyone without internet experience can make money immediately with this product is simply unattainable. 


Messenger Marketing Training – The China Secret


Messenger marketing guides one and two
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest


In this part of the training, you will get some more PDFs, this time on chatbot messenger marketing.

Messenger Chatbot could be a really useful tool to market your products.

And this PDF does have some good information.


However, we come to the similar problem as with all the other pieces of training – if you are a beginner this training will be useless to you.

You need to have some sort of online business first. Then a FB group and then use a chatbot to promote your products.


What would be the use of a chatbot if you don’t have anyone to send messages to? 


Cryptocurrency Training – 

AirDrop Secrets and Millionaires Callendar


airdrop secrets and millionaires calendar downloads
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest


Here we have some Cryptocurrency training. 

I’m not entirely sure why is this here, but here it is.

It’s nothing much to do with FB Groups not is it comprehensive enough to get you really earning with the crypto. 

Some of the info is good but like this, on its own, not sure it’s useful at all. 


eCommerce Training


ecommerce training guide to shopify, ecommerce kickstart, selling on ebay and amazon rush
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest


Another set of products/training/PDFs. 

All informational guides but this will not be enough to get you started in any of them.

Dropshipping via Shopify is great but you need to focus on that and on that only. At least at the beginning. 

The same goes for selling via eBay or Amazon


If you’d like to try out Shopify, here’s my affiliate link and a 14 days FREE TRIAL!


Trying to do all will make you Jack of all trades and the master of none.

And if you are planning to earn money online you need to master one thing first and then maybe move onto the next. 


See how it can help you start your own internet business.

Take the advantage of a FREE trial period, 10 FREE Lessons in affiliate marketing and 2 FREE Websites.



1. This product is sold via Clickbank, so if you don’t find it to your liking you can get you have 60 days to get your money back.

2. Some of the training is useful and you could use it in your business. 




1. No Show Owner


We don’t know who the owner of this product is, and that is always a red flag for me.

However, since I don’t actually think this product is an outright scam, in this case, I’m not too bothered by it.


2. Upsells


Here’s my receipt of purchase, and I thought I’d be now directed to the Member’s Area. 

a receipt for purchasing the product
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Well, not quite. 

There are a few hoops to jump through first.

Yes, you guessed it – upsells.

Three of them to be more precise:


first upsell
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Second upsell:

second upsell
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

Third upsell:

third upsell
  • Facebook
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So, you could be spending hundreds of dollars if you are not careful. 


3. Scarcity Technique


screenshot of the info about limited spaces for the product
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There are as many places as you like. As long as you pay for the product you are fine.

This technique is used to urge you to buy before you’ve had the time to consider it for too long. 


4. You Don’t Own Your Business


If you are going to run your business through FB Groups, you will never own your business. 

FB can, at any time decide (and they do, often) to change their algorithm and you can stay without your group in a flash.

They don’t even need to do something as drastic as that. 

If you do anything that is deemed inappropriate, and you will never know all the rules, you can get banned or your group shut. 

Where does that leave you?


Is Insider Profit Groups a Scam?


No, I don’t think this product is a scam.

You can find some good info here. 

Still, don’t think you’ll be able to use it much because, all in all it’s just not enough information on one thing to actually get you started. 

There is a lot of generic stuff in the PDFs offered you can find online for yourself.


Also, I find this product highly confusing!

There is so much going on and not enough focus on one topic. 

As if you can learn any business model by just reading a 30page PDF. 

There are no videos nor any case studies so you’ll be hard pressed to somehow implement this if you are a newbie. 


I don’t recommend this product, because I believe you can not start a sustainable business with the guides provided here. 

They are not bad, but are simply not comprehensive enough. 


You will be tempted to maybe buy an upsell or two, but I’d like to discourage you from doing this.


Because I’d like to encourage you to build your own online business that provides value for your readers. 

If you do that you will establish the much needed trust and then start selling or promoting various products.


You don’t want to build your biz on someone else’s site. 

Have your own!

…and if you are curious to find out how, read on! 


Become an Affiliate Marketer, and you can soon start working from home!

What Could I Do Instead?



I recommend you build your business around my favorite business model – Affiliate Marketing.


infographic on how to earn via affiliate marketing
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When I started my online journey a year ago, I was a complete newbie! 


My life circumstances changed dramatically from one day to the next and I needed to find some way to earn while staying at home and looking after my toddler twins. 

I did some online teaching, dropshipping but the business model I liked the sound of most was affiliate marketing.

Mainly because I didn’t have to worry about customer support, shipping or selling.


In Affiliate Marketing you promote products or services you like or have used yourself and if someone purchases through your affiliate link you get a commission to no extra cost to the buyer. 



I was lucky to have stumbled upon a review of my #1 Recommended Platform for Affiliate Marketing Training and the building of my online business begun.


With no technical knowledge or any idea of how to do internet marketing, I was grateful for the step by step training and the ease with which my WordPress site was built. 

So, if you are seriously looking for a place to learn how to make money online, I sincerely urge you to check out this place. 


You can do it with just an email and have FREE full access for a week. 

As an added BONUS, you will get TEN FREE affiliate marketing lessons and TWO FREE websites (for life!). 

If this is not a good deal, I don’t know what is 🙂

Hope to see you there!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article. If you have any further questions do leave a comment in the section below. 

Have a great day!



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