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It’s so easy to succeed online, isn’t it? 



With so many tools out there to help you what could go wrong?

A lot, actually.


Tools are all very well, but only if you know what to do with them.

So, Insider Profit Groups is one of those tools. 

Not entirely useless, but if you are just starting out and wish to make money online, I strongly suggest you keep reading.

I’ve got some interesting info and it might just:

a) Save you money

b) Get you on the path to starting your very own online biz! Yeeeey!

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What is Insider Profit Groups?




Insider Profit Groups is an e-digital product, sold via Clickbank.

It’s a compilation of e-books on various topics:

FB Marketing








fb groups training outline: blueprint 1; fb marketing secrets; fan page profits
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest


Facebook Groups Training, consists of three e-books:

1. FB Groups Blueprint 1 – Introductory Overview of FB groups and key concepts

This e-book in mainly info on how FB came to be, the history of it and how many people used it then and nowadays.

It also talks about FB Groups and how they were introduced some years ago, to now become one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic to your business. 

The information served here is mostly generic stuff you already know. Or in any case, can find out about it on the net for free.


2. FB Marketing Secrets 

In this e-Book you are given instruction on how to form a FB group, how to get people to join the group and how to manage it.

There’s some useful info, but on the whole, it all sounds just like common sense. 

Still, there’s some value in reading it so if you have bought this product, do read through this section you might find something you can use.


The paradox here is, if you already have an online business and have been doing the affiliate marketing, you will not find this training useful, because you already know this stuff, otherwise you wouldn’t be where you are.


On the other hand, if you are just starting out, it’s good you read this, but you need to work on your business first so you have something to promote in your FB Group.

So, all in all, I don’t know who is really to directly benefit from this training.