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So, it only takes 22 minutes to get rich!

No, really. This is what the creators 22 Minutes to Profits claim they’ll do for you.

All you need to do is wait for 22 minutes and you’ll be earning enough to give up your current job.

I like the idea of not having to work for more than 22 minutes.

This is why I’ve decided to see what this product is all about and see if it is as it seems:

Too good to be true!


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What is 22 Minutes to Profits?



This is a software that is supposedly able to build you a website, and to all the other important work for you so that you can start earning loads of cash in no time.

It costs $47 and that is your gateway to the financial security.

If only… 

What they really do is pretend they’ll build you an affiliate website and this site will be promoting products from Amazon.

There is nothing wrong with this business model (I use it myself) but please, read on till the end to find out how the affiliate marketing really works and how you can make some real money with it.





You can get your money back within 90 days.






1. Overhyped claims


I mean, who in their right mind believes you can buy software, install it and in 22 minutes generate thousands of dollars in income??!! Honestly!

I don’t mean to be unkind, but, man, if you are that gullible to believe such a thing possible, maybe you should re-think your approach to earning money.

Not just online but in general.

There is no way you can do absolutely nothing and expect to get rich.

So, these claims of hundreds and thousands being delivered to your account every day are just lies.



2. Who is the owner or the creator of this product?


 The narrator in the sale’s video, supposedly the owner of the product Mark Stafford says it’s not important who he is as long as you are earning money.

This sentence is so cleverly put into the video so you won’t go and investigate further.

Well, I did.

And found absolutely nothing about this person. Isn’t that strange? Here’s a guy telling you he’ll change your life by making you rich in 22 minutes, but he is totally incognito and nobody knows (not even the all-knowing Google) who he is.

I find this highly suspect.

Actually, I will say this is just a made up name for the made-up person.

The real owners go re-hashing their no good software under a different name each time and scamming people off their hard earned cash. Have look and the Real Profits Online and you’ll see what I mean.

That is the very similar software to 22 Minutes to Profits and it’s been removed as such only to be resurrected as 22 MtP.



3. Upsells


The initial price of $47 will only get you to the ‘members’ ‘ area where you’ll need to pay even more if you want your site up and running.

However, no matter how much you pay, you’ll never have a decent site working for you and making you money.


There is so much more that goes into making one website work – a ready-made site is simply not up to the task.


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