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I think it is safe to assume that we all know (and more or less love)!

I am an Amazon Associate for my other site and I find it incredibly useful and profitable.

Sadly, not a $3000 per day useful and profitable! Why do I mention this particular number?

Well, this is the amount the AZ Code owner claims I could be making with his method.

This claim got my attention and all of my BS antennae up!

So, I’ve decided to check it out myself and see is AZ Code a scam or will it make me the promised $3000 per day?!

Here it is in detail what I have found about AZ Code.


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Amazon Code is a system that is supposedly going to teach you how to make $3000 per day conducting your business via Amazon.



1. By sending you an eBook (about 80 pages)

2. Allowing you access to the ‘secret’ video

3. Building you a website




The eBook is full of generic information, that you can either guess yourself or find it for free on the internet.

Either way, it is not going to get you anywhere close to making money.

The eBook talks about selling things on Amazon.

This part is really puzzling since the AZ Code is marketed as a product that will deal with the affiliate marketing.

So they go on about choosing a product, sourcing it from China, shipping it over to the U.S. etc.

First of all, this is not explained properly nor in any depth. Just loads of hype.

You’d be better off talking to a random stranger on the street.

I bet you’d stand a much better chance of finding out how to do FBA (Fulfillment by  Amazon) than from this uninformative eBook of uselessness!

It is beyond me, what would be the point of talking about the FBA when you are actually claiming to be concerned with the affiliate side of things?!




This video is really bad on so many levels!

First, the owner. The fictitious owner.

The owner who has the perfect actor’s voice and diction.

The owner who is nowhere to be found except, maybe on a roster of some acting agency.

The real owner, who is producing products and software that are just taking people’s money and not giving anything in return, is obviously wishing to remain anonymous.

I can almost understand that.

Who would want to show their true identity if they were scamming ordinary people out of their hard earned cash!

The outrageous claims in the video are unattainable.


Do not believe the hype or the emotional pulling at your heart strings by telling you your financial future is sorted out with their low-quality website.

In order to make money via any website you need to (amongst other things):

– Have a well-designed website

– Have a decent volume of excellent content

– Have your audience to whom you will be marketing the product(s)

– Have ways to generate traffic to your website


No traffic – no sales!


And don’t even think about the paid traffic if you haven’t been trained in how to do it properly.

You will be wasting your money at such a speed, that you might as well go to Las Vegas and do the same thing but at least have some fun while doing it!

AZ Code offers some software solution that will supposedly bring traffic to your site.

Well, there is traffic and there is traffic!

They might send some people your way, but be absolutely sure, nobody is going to buy anything.

These are just sites that have paid people to visit sites.

That’s it.

They click on your site, and then, they click away.

Please, don’t fall for this.


Fake Testimonials


The testimonials in the video are fake.

They’ve hired actors from and that is all there is to it. Don’t believe one word they are saying. It’s not true.

Here are some pictures to prove it:

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AZ Code Testimonial