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Are you going to work every day and feeling more and more unsatisfied?

Do you dream of a financially free and secure future?

I hear ya.

This is why when I came across AZ Formula and its bold claims, I had to check it out.

I mean, who wouldn’t like to earn $10.000 per week???

So, here’s my honest review and findings if AZ Formula is a scam or legit.

Read on…

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What is AZ Formula?

AZ Formula is an online program, that will help you make money. And loads of it too.

It’s a fully automated system that will require a minimum working hours from you.

Their sales video is quite hyped up.

It follows the similar story-line as many of the similar products do: there is a guy who is unhappy at his job, gets unfairly accused and fired from the job.

Now jobless, a long-lost cousin enters the story. The cousin has some amazing info and with that and the owner’s technical knowledge they build AZ Formula. The system that will churn out untold amounts of money for you without you having to do any work.

Not convinced, but for the sake of being fair, let’s continue.

Even though this product is freely available on Click Bank to whomever chose to buy it, the narrator keeps saying he is taking on only another 10 students.

This is to make you feel the product is exclusive and you better hurry up with paying up the initial $37 to join AZ Formula.

The places are not limited.

Why would they be anyway?

AZ formula doesn’t really offer training that is of any value, not does it have a mentorship program so that maybe your mentor has only the time for another 10 students.

The only thing that happens, after you pay is that you get bombarded with offers and are under pressure to buy their up sells.

This will set you back another cca $500.

Good for AZ Formula scammers, not so good for you.

Another really strange thing is that one minute they talk about affiliate marketing and little later they go on to say that AZ formula will be making you money via e-commerce.

Which one is it?

I’m sure they don’t know.

The testimonials are all fake.

Here is Steven Cook, the owner. He is a model for Shutterstock Photos!

picture of owner of az formula
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Steven Cook owner of AZ Formula
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If their students were really making so much money, would the AZ team have to employ actors to do their testimonials or fictitious people to be their owner?

No, of course not. 

We have no idea who the creator of AZ Formula is.

However, I do think the creator of this AZ product has ‘some’ connection with all the other AZ products that have flooded the money making online space in the past year.

How Does AZ Formula Work?

Well, it doesn’t.

You will never make any money with this product.

AZ Formula, like many similar products, are made so the owners make

money from you while giving nothing in return.


You get sucked in by the hyped up story, react emotionally, buy… and then find yourself having to buy some more stuff but still not getting anywhere.

And, again, you will never get anywhere, as long as there is the belief that you can get super rich, super soon, and without any work.<