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Are you looking to make money online?

Have you thought about earning money online without doing any work?

I most certainly have. So whenever a new product claims that is possible, it gets my attention.

It’s human nature.

Even though I know better, and even though deep down I know that is not possible, I have to check it out for just in case.

Maybe this time…

You know what I mean.

So, here’s what I found out about CB Cash Code and is it possible to make $8.112 per day?



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What is cb cash code
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When you go to the CB Cashcode website, you are invited to view their sales video.

In that video, they, the owner George Patterson (very respectable sounding name, if you ask me) makes some really eye-popping claims.

In short, he claims you can make exorbitant amounts of money.


By him revealing his secret to you. The secret is the site used by ordinary people every day to make equally exorbitant amounts of money.

So, if the secret site is used by ordinary people every day, it doesn’t sound to me like it’s a big secret.

Of course, it isn’t. The secret’s name is in the title. In the name of this product.

Click Bank. Ta daaaaaa.


The crazy claims go on:

– Work 10min each day!

– Not less than $500 every day!

– You can bypass all the usual ways/strategies of making money online!


CB Cash Code is an Easy Way to Make Lots of Money. Lucky us.

CB Cash Code is certainly an easy way to make easy money.

Not for you, mind you, but for this fictitious owner with an authoritative name – George Patterson.

He’s making money alright. 


So the video goes on to tell you a moving story about a single mother (surprise, surprise), struggling to make ends meet, and one of her children (always) needs to drop out of school to help out with the money at home (this time it’s George).

And it is always this unselfish, partly uneducated child, that finds their luck and fortune with the Click Bank.

Almost, every single one of the sales pitch videos of the products these guys are selling (and they sell a few) has a similar story.




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