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Do you use Instagram? Would you like to earn lots of money while doing it?

Easy Insta Profits claims they can teach you to do just that!

How easy it really is to make as much as $50,000 per month? I’d say not very easy, but the Easy Insta Profit creators say different.

I so want to believe they are right. It would be amazing not to have to do much work and earn that sort of cash.

This is the reason why I had to check out this product, and what you’ll read below is what I’ve found out.


If you prefer to watch a video, please scroll down. 


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What is Easy Insta Profits?

Easy Insta Profits is a mobile app sold through Clickbank.

It claims you can earn large amounts of cash by using it for only 15-20min per day.

Apparently, there is an automated system and you will be told what sort of product to chose to promote on Instagram.

When someone buys that product you will earn the commission.

How Much Does It Cost and What Do You Get For Your Money?

Easy Insta Profits cost $37, but when you try to exit the page you are offered a discount of $17.

Easy insta profits discount pop up
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You don’t get anything for those $17. It’s just a landing page for the upsell.

There is an upsell for $197. For that, you get some information, but it will not get you any closer to making money online.

To make money online you need to get a rounded step by step information that concerns all aspects of your online business.

These videos just hype up what we already know so it makes it seem like a more valuable information that it really is.

What I’m trying to say, it’s a complete waste of time.


You do get some small amount of information on Instagram. But, as I’ve already said, you can find it on the net for free.

Easy Insta Profits is being sold via Clickbank, so you can get your money back.



1. All the claims are just hyped up numbers that bare no reflection on the real situation.

I mean, how can anyone believe they can earn $50,000 by working just 15min per day is beyond me.

If you are of that mindset, I’m sad to say, you’ll never, ever make any money online (or anywhere else for that matter),

2. We never see the owner of this product.

The narrator of the text that introduces himself as the owner is just an actor and using a pen name.

easy insta profits disclaimer