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Would you like to earn thousands of dollars every week?

Would you like to secure your financial future?

And if I told you there is a product promising to do all this for your, and without any effort from you, would you jump for joy, and yank your credit card to pay for this miracle?

Or would you continue reading this review to see if this is really possible?

Also, if you continue reading there is a guide on some useful money making stuff, waiting for you.

Let’s start!

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What is EZ Bay Payday?


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EZ Bay Payday is yet another online product that will help you make lots of money, in no time and with no work.

Everything is automated, so all you need to do is pay for the EZ Bay Payday, relax and check your bank account from time to see how many thousands have you earned this week.

Lovely! If only I wasn’t this silly and insisted on building my own site and online business, I could have made hundreds of thousands already just by getting EZ Bay Payday.

The sales video for this product is just like all the sales videos for similar products.

Yet another fictitious owner

Steve Richards, this time.

We know that he is not the creator of this software, because they say it so themselves in the small print.

In the video, this Steve Richards talks about being very poor, growing up with a single mother (what is it with these people and single mothers???), not finishing the school (the protagonist of these videos is always a school dropout), and generally being lost.

Until one day, he gets an idea from a friend from high school.

He does something, that something goes viral on the first try, he then develops that something further and again, that something brings him lots of cash.

Yesterday he was an uneducated bum, today he is an internet marketer and entrepreneur.

Ah, life. So unpredictable.

You go to bed as one and wake up as another. (Kafka wrote a better story on this, it’s called Metamorphosis)

Sorry, I digress.

By the way, we are never, not once told what is this guy actually doing or proposing for you to do.

You go through the sales video none the wiser.

There is a lot of emotional selling, however.


And there is scary scarcity technique employed all over the place.

A limited number of students! Limited time available! Limited this, limited that… 

The only thing really limited here is this program.


The testimonials are a joke.


Why are they using the same actors over and over again?

Goodness knows there are quite a few unemployed actors around, why not give a job to someone else as well.

Or, could it be that they can not find any other actors who are willing to lie so blatantly to scam ordinary, hard-working people for their cash?

The big secret!


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