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Fast Cash! Ah, how we love it.

If only it existed, that is.

But, apparently, things are changing in the internet marketing world, and now we have a product that will make you some serious cash in no time.

Fourteen clicks and 25 minutes – that’s all it takes. Apparently.

However, I’m quite sure I’ve heard this somewhere else before.

I had to check it out for that reason alone.

I’ve been scammed once (OK. twice) and one of those scams said something very similar. In the end, when I lost my money and my faith in my lucky no14(!), I vowed never ever to fall for another scam again.

I also started this website for the sole reason to warn others not to trust what is not to be trusted and only recommend what I’ve tried myself and found it to be genuinely working.

So, below is my review of Fast Cash App and the video of what I’ve found out and also what I can and cannot recommend for you to start making money online. 


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What is Fast Cash App?



It’s an e digital product and a done for your system to make money online.

In the promo video they claim it takes fourteen clicks, and under 25min and you are able to make up to $2475 per day!




You can get your money back within 60 days.

There is some information on internet marketing in the training section.




1. No show owner

The owner ‘Robert Fisher is just a narrator here, and the real owner of this product is hiding somewhere. If I produced such a low-quality product and tried to make you spend over $500 on it, I’d hide too.


2. No free access

When on their sale’s page say “Click here for free access” you are just being taken to Clickbank payment page. You are paying $37 for the free access!

Someone must be thinking we are all not quite clever to figure this one out…

Maybe it’s just me, but if you tell me something is free I don’t expect to pay for it.


3. Training

Some training revolves around picking your products and other general info about the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Then it goes on to give you information on how to do CPA (click per acquisition) marketing.

There are videos on how to market your products on social media as well.

You do get quite a bit of information on all of these subjects, but, I can’t imagine, how someone who is just starting out is going to, effectively use this info to actually make money online.


4. False scarcity

They say there is only a limited number of licenses for this product.

This, of course, is not true.

Anyone who is willing to pay is going to get Fast Cash App downloads.


5. Exaggerated claims

The amounts of money you are told you could make with this program are simply just wishful thinking.

And even, if they are being kinda honest, they are not mentioning that those numbers are probably to do with the sales, rather than the profit.

 There are some amazingly successful Amazon affiliate marketers, don’t get me wrong.

But, those guys seriously know what they’re doing.

Amazon offers quite a low affiliate percentage – somewhere in the range from 3-10%.

You need to sell a LOT of products to be earning over $100,000 per month!

And, you need to get a lot more training than just the generic information that Fast Cash App offers.


 6. Upsells

And, of course, there are some upsells. 

They are way overpriced and you still don’t get the training you need to make money online. 

  • 1st – Fast Cash 2.0 – $197
  • 2nd – Fast Cash Pro – $177
  • 3rd – Fast Cash Social – $97


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Is Fast Cash App a Scam?


Since you can get your money back via Clickbank, and because you do get some general information about internet marketing, I don’t think FCA is a scam.

However, I think they are being very misleading when they tell