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Are you looking to make money online? If you are, and you are serious about it, I will immediately say that Home Income Millionaire will not get you the money they’re promising in their sales video.

There are many hyped up products online that offer nothing but one big confusion and you’d do good to stay away from this one in particular.


What is Home Income Millionaire?


Home Income Millionaire is an e-digital product that is offering you a solution on how to make a fair amount of money with very little work and through not much effort on your part.

Apparently, you can earn as much as $5000 after just watching their sales video and “before the weekend is over” that money will be in your account.


You can get your money back if you’ve bought it already.


1. We don’t know who the owner/creator of this product is

There are a couple of names (Mark Jennings, Olga Krasko) being mentioned, but we simply don’t know for sure. And we should. If you are buying a system and investing you own hard-earned cash, you definitely should know the owners of that product. There should be a way of you contacting them, connecting with them, talking to them and ultimately asking for help should you need it.

2. It’s not super cheap but you don’t get much value from it

At $97 as a starting price, you’d think you’d get at least some useful information, but in fact, there isn’t much you’ll learn when you buy this product. It’s marketed as a beginner-friendly product, but in fact, there is no training about the basic stuff you need to know about when you start working online. If you are going to become an affiliate marketer (and that is a business model that is supposedly being promoted here), you need a step by step training and not some done for you system that you have no idea how it works, what it sells or to whom.

You will be encouraged to just promote their own “Millionaire” products and you won’t be any wiser as to how to have your own business online, how to run it, scale it, etc. This is not a good strategy for you because what happens when this system goes bust (and it will)? You will be left with your money invested in this made-for-you so-called business and won’t have the necessary knowledge to start a profitable online venture by yourself.

3. Fake testimonials

All the testimonials in the sales video are fake. I’ve seen these same actors “give testimonials” for many other similar products. The question then begs, if you have an amazing product that’s earning thousands of dollars for people with no work or experience, why would you have to hire actors to do give you testimonials?

4. Hyped-up earning potential

There is no ready-for-you business of this type that will start generating you thousands of dollars overnight or in a weekend. The sooner you believe me on this one, the sooner you’ll start making money online. Yes, it’s very possible to be earning lots of money online and even thousands overnight. But, that overnight success comes only after a time of investment in training, work and more work. Online business is just like any other business – you need to train, show up every day, work and only then you can expect to make money. I know this is not what many wishes to hear but this is the truth. If anyone tells you otherwise they are not telling you the whole truth.

5. It’s unclear how you make money with Home Income Millionaire

Now, even though there is mention of some sort of affiliate marketing, this product also sounds a bit like an MLM. They keep saying you just need to introduce people to this product and they’ll do