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My lucky number!

And then:

I get an email telling me I can earn $50.000 per month (YES, Please!), in fourteen steps with an automated system.

Man, I read that email faster than you could say ‘an email’, I was so eager to see how this all works.

Sadly, Max Income System, I found out very quickly, is not exactly what I thought it was.

Here’s my full review:

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What is Max Income System?



This course and an online making money system, is created by Shaquin Hussyin.


a picture of shaqin hussyin. he is smiling and wearing a white shirt and a red jacket
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1. You do get some training in how to make money


This training is not all-encompassing and nowhere near what you need to actually make money online, but it is there so I need to mention it. (more about the training in the Cons Section)



2. The owner is a real person


This is not always the case with the products of this sort. He is a genuine and experienced internet marketer.



3. You can make money with this system. 


However, even by the owner’s addition, that is not often the case. Please read the Cons Section below for full details about the money making part.




 1. Max Income is not a product that stands on its own

 When you buy MI you are buying the first part of the sales funnel that promotes a high ticket affiliate program – Wealth Academy.

You will get next to nothing for your $47. Just the ‘right’ to be offered more upsells’


2. Max Income sale’s video tells you can earn $10.000 per month


Well, you can’t.

The only way you can do it is if you purchase the high ticket upgrades that can be tens of thousands of dollars!

So, please, if you have some money saved up, don’t spend it on a program like this one.


3. Income reports



a screenshot of max income, income reports
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Yes, S.H. does provide us with the income proofs, but there is no proof that the amounts shown are from Max Income.

I’m sure he has earned all the money he is talking about, however, that money comes from the Wealth Academy and other high ticket programs, and not a relatively cheap product like MI.


4. The training


You are only taught how to promote the Wealth Academy, and nothing else.

In fact, the only way to recoup your thousand dollars is to sell more memberships for Wealth Academy.

And once you realize there is no magic way to earn with this program, but to heavily promote it to your family and friends, and everyone else, you will see the ugly side of things here.

What I’m trying to say is that this product sounds very much like a pyramid scheme.

There is no training that will teach you how to make a legitimate business out of a pyramid scheme. Just conning other people into spending money for nothing while withholding valuable information.


See how it can help you start your own internet business.

Take the advantage of a FREE trial period, 10 FREE Lessons in affiliate marketing and 2 FREE Websites.

5. You need to invest way more than the initial $47


There are many upsells that await you after you buy Max Income.

The first is an upsell of $97, and then you are pushed to buy the $2997 Wealth Academy Accelerator program.

They even have a program, Wealth Academy Elite, where you can drown just a few dollars short of $20000 (yeap, you read it rights, twenty thousand dollars!).

The more you spend the more chance you have to earn more.

Or do you?

If there are so many upsells, it means there is so much information and training withheld for the next, more expensive level.

So by the time you’ve spent tens of thousands, you are much better off, investing that money in some truly legitimate business.


I’m not saying this business is not legitimate, but it stinks of MOBE (the program the FTC shut down, after they scammed people of millions of dollars and ruined people’s lives).

Not only that, but Shaquin Hussyin was promoting this program and earning on the backs of the unlucky people who were duped into thinking they are making a real investment and expecting to make money from it.

I find this really disturbing and one of the biggest red flags regarding anything that’s to do with Max Income and Wealth Academy.


6. The hours you need to devote to your business online


The sale’s video claims you will need only a few hours per week to do well with this program.

This is not so.

Even thought Max Income is made to sound that in fourteen steps you will have an automated business, you need to remember what I said earlier.

You will not have a business after those fourteen steps – you will be just offered an upgrade. That’s it.


Then if you do upgrade, you will have to start to promote Max Income and Wealth Academy to get your money back.

In essence you will be doing the affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model, and in my opinion one of the best online business models.


However, it can not be done on the ‘automatic pilot’.

You need to know how it works and how you can promote your products.

Read my short guide here: What is Affliate Marketing; or scroll down:

So, all this can’t be done in just an hour per day. You will have to devote yourself full time.


7. Why would you promote an unethical product in the first place?


I think a product like Max Income is unethical.


Because, it promises something but it can never deliver it.

Now, if you do promote a product like this, you will also have to tell half-truths and surely that is not something you’d want to be associated with.


One of the reasons to work online is to be financially free and also to feel good about doing something that is helping other people through your expertise and knowledge.

Promoting pyramid schemes is not one of those opportunities.

There is no shortage of products you can promote.

When I say no shortage, I mean millions of products and services you can have on your website and earn from.


8. If you get involved with Max Income and Wealth Academy you don’t actually have a business of your own


So, that fact is you will have to work hard to promote these products, and yet, your business will not be your own.

If Max Income goes bust, you will be left with no online presence and more importantly, you own’t have the skills to start your own business.

It’s much better to build something of your own.

It’s just as hard work, so you might as well build a profitable business that you control and can choose products your can promote.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that if you have a hobby, you can make it a business. If you have an interest, you can make it into business – great!

Selling pyramid scheme – sucks.



Is Max Income a Scam?


Since you do get something for your money, Max Income is not a scam.

On the other hand, I don’t recommend it and very much hope you own’t spend your money on it.

It’s very likely you’ll lose it.

The promotional video for this product doesn’t tell you the whole story and find that misleading. 

Also, if the product is so great, why would you need to hide some vital information?



Become an Affiliate Marketer, and you can soon start working from home!

What Could You Do Instead?


I recommend the same thing – Affiliate Marketing.


Just done in a slightly different way.

You can have an amazing online business doing Affiliate Marketing, promoting whatever you like.

Only Amazon has hundreds of thousands of products you can choose from and Amazon is just one of the online stores.

There are literally thousands out there. If you can think of a product you can find an affiliate program for it.



So, What is Affiliate Marketing?


infographic on affiliate marketing
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In affiliate marketing, you promote different companies’ products and services on your website, social media or YouTube.

When someone buys a product via your affiliate link, you get a commission.


There is no selling involved, all you need to do is describe the product you are promoting and give your verdict or experience of it.

You also don’t need to worry about customer service, shipping costs, returns, staff wages, delivery etc.

As I’ve already mentioned, affiliate marketing is a great business model.

You can start it today.

And for FREE.

When I needed to make some really difficult life choices, I was so glad to come across affiliate marketing.

It had enabled me to stay at home with my children and not have to go out to work.

Also, I really wanted to find a way to earn where I didn’t have to exchange time for money.

Someway I could earn even if I were to be ill or unable to show up at the ‘office’.

So, once I found out the business model that fitted my lifestyle, I now needed to find out a place where to learn about it.

I had zero knowledge about affiliate marketing, and at first, bought a couple of courses, but, even though they were good, the info was partial and it seemed I’d just have to be spending money every month on another shiny object.


Finally, I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate and I honestly say I’ve never looked back.

This platform changed my life.

No less.

All the training I needed in one place.

No upsells.

Step by step tutorials.

Any level entry.

Easy if you are a newbie.

They host your sites.

You can host 50(!) sites for the same price.

Free keyword tool.

The training is updated every day.

Access to the community of the most successful affiliate marketers in the world. And these guys are all doing legit businesses. No pyramid schemes or such stuff.

And, there is so much more…

Click on the link below and you’ll be taken to get even more info.

I truly hope you will not take my word for all this, but check it out for yourself, for FREE with your FREE Starter Membership. 

You’ll get the full access and will be able to see for yourself this is the real deal!

If you join NOW, I will be there to help you out with setting up your online

business and can offer you some amazing bonuses as well.



Hope to see you there!


Become an Affiliate Marketer, and you can soon start working from home!

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you got some value from it and if you have any further questions, do leave a comment in the section below. Thank you!

Have a great day,



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