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If you’re fed up with your daily 9-5 grind, maybe working as a Social Media Manages could be a good career change.

Paid Social Media Jobs claims to offer great training and opportunities in this field.

I like the idea, so I had a closer look.


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What is Paid Social Media Jobs?


PSMJ is a website that has a client database. Those clients will employ you to be their social media manager.

You pay the membership and then go on to find fab jobs, doing what you are doing anyway – spending time on FB or Twitter.

You get a $1 trial after which you pay $27 automatically (so don’t forget to cancel your membership if you are not intending to stay on PSMJ).

As you try to exit the page, you’ll get an offer of a further discount, and the price is now $17. 

The sales video features the supposed owner of PSMJ, Annie Jones, tells her story of a single mother who was broke to soon making hundreds of dollars per day.


By becoming a Social Media Manager.

She doesn’t give away very much in the video, apart from loads of emotional selling and descriptions of how great it is going to be for your if you join her program.

She gives some income proof. However, there is a different name on the account, so I’m not sure how true her claims and her proofs are.

In fact, I think she is just a fictitious owner, a made up person. Nowhere do we see her where we can actually confirm that she is the creator of this program or indeed that these experiences are what really happened to her.

There is a lot of hyped up info and many things are just being repeated over and over again.

No information of any substance is given in this video.

Many promises are made, however:

The students are going to start earning money in no time, in fact: “As soon as tonight!” ??

There are companies lined up and just waiting to employ you.

This video is of such low quality that it makes me think if Annie Jones know anything about social media marketing.

If your local car mechanic came up with a video like this, you could kind of understand it. But a person who claims to be a Social Media Manager should know better. And should know that video marketing is very important and how the video looks like and is produced plays a huge part.

If I were a company looking for a social media manager, I’d NEVER employ Annie!




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What’s the Training Like?

Once you are in the member’s area, you will be offered some up sells.

The training consists of 4 modules:

1st Module:

Lots of generic information. Occasionally there will be a useful advice, but all in all, everything mentioned in this module you can find out for yourself on the net – for free.

2nd Module:

More fluff. Annie Jones then encourages her potential students to join Paid Social Media Jobs.

This will give them the edge over the rest when landing those amazing Social Media jobs through her list.

She also advises her students to have their own blog, via or

How you go about setting those blogs, what are they for, what is it that you do with them, remains a mystery.

It seems like Annie Jones does not think this information is important.

3rd Module:

Here you will get the description of the companies that are looking for Social Media Managers.

She also gives the examples of the clients who are successful in using the SMM.

And that’s it.

No useful info nor training.

4th Module:

This module, is basically Module 1 repeated with more fancy words and longer sentences.

You are also given an ebook Unstoppable FB Traffic. This book has a lot of generic stuff but also some useful information.

The next load of goodies is 50 prewritten FB status updates for you to use for your clients.

This, I find wrong on so many levels.

Fifty updates is not much. All of PSMJ students get these so you’ll just end up posting the same thing as all the rest.

When your client finds that out, they are not going to be hiring you ever again.

I wouldn’t.

You will get some photos and graphics too. Not of much use, but you do get them.

Annie Jones will also help you with your CV. It’s a shame, though, she gives the example of another profession altogether when showing you how to format and write your CV as a social media manager. A total waste of time.


And if you haven’t had enough useless info, you can purchase some more

in the form of an UPSELL, for $37.



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