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We hear of people making heaps of money on YouTube every day.

Do you ever wonder how they do it?

Wouldn’t it be nice to create videos, upload them and then wait for the cash to start flowing to your bank account?


Well, Tubeloom says, they have a solution for this and you can expect to earn even $1000 per day(!) with their automated, easy-to-do system.

I personally love YT and am planning to start my own YT Channel soon. So, this is why Tubeloom interested me when I got the promotional email from its creators.

On the other hand, their claims seemed so wild, that I held off with my enthusiasm before I could find out what’s Tubeloom really all about.


In short – I wasn’t impressed. Not one bit. 

Here is why:

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What is Tubeloom?


Tubeloom is a software that helps you create videos for YouTube.

You will be promoting various other software products and earning a commission for every sale you make through your affiliate links.




1. You can get your money back


Tubeloom gives a 60days money back guarantee through Clicbank


2. The video training is not too bad


In the short video training clips you will learn some things you need to know about running your own YT channel:

a. How to pick a product: Here, you are advised to basically pick up a product that has the fanciest landing page, and not according to how good the product is. 

b. How to review the product: You won’t have the product to inspect yourself (I’ll talk about why is that a bit later), so you only know what the landing page tells you.

c. Video Optimization: 

The first part deals with the optimization of your video before you upload your video. 

The second part deals with the optimization after the video is uploaded. 

The third part is about where to put the affiliate links.

d. Getting to rank your YT video by buying views. (this part, in particular, belongs to the CONS section and I’ll address it there)

Infographic on how to start your own YT Channel
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1. The overhyped product, exaggerated claims


The sale’s video for Tubeloom is an overhyped sales pitch, delivered by a certain Charlotte White, the creator of this product (or so we think, but read on to find out why nothing is at it seems with this product!).

Sarah is a single mother of 3, and after a very long, sad story of much financial struggle, she tells you, with this amazing system you could be earning as much as a $1000 per day.

Typicaly for a product of this sort, you never have to do any work, nor learn that much, either. 


2. Fake owner


I am pretty certain, Charlotte White is just a made up character and the picture of her and her three kids is just a stock photo.


3. Fake testimonials


The testimonials are fake. The photos are of random people on the internet. 


4. Launch-Jacking


One of the ways Tubeloom tels you to promote products is using the techique called Launch Jacking. What this means, is getting your review of the product before it’s launched. 

Now, this is not a bad tactics, but rememeber, you won’t have the access to the product, so you’ll be promoting just a random products and will have to trust their landing pages.