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Do you like watching videos of cute kittens or puppies? Or, do you like watching super-funny prank videos? 

If you do, and would like to earn money in the process, you might have found the perfect solution in Viral Cash App.

Some of these videos get several million views and the revenue they can earn you is huge.


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 What Is Viral Cash App?


Viral Cash App is a software that enables you to earn money using viral videos.


First of all you need to pay for the membership, $47 (that will, upon exiting the sales page, be turned into $27)

You log in to the Viral Cash App, create your account, get your website with videos already uploaded and waiting to be promoted by you.

The idea is, you share these videos with your friends and on your social media accounts. Hopefully this will bring you lots of traffic and maybe even a viral video.

Also, you need to create 10 posts as well.

You will be earning money through your site being monetized by adds.

This all sounds quite straight-forward, doesn’t it?

Matthew Nash, the creator of Viral Cash App, makes it sound so easy. All you need to have is a computer, some computer knowledge, internet and you’re on your way to make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If only…


Can You Earn Money with Viral Cash?


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In theory, yes, you could earn money. But not if you are a beginner and not if you don’t understand how internet marketing works.

It’s true, there are many video makers who have made millions of dollars through producing viral videos.

But this rarely happens overnight.

For a YouTube channel to get lots of traffic, first of all you need to publish many, many videos, almost daily. Your channel needs to be on YT for some time first before it gets any traffic.


The same goes for your, Viral Cash App website.


It can be shared and shared, but ultimately, Google won’t know you exist and it will be very hard to get enough people on your site so you can start earning money.

Also, do you know where to share your website’s content?

I’m sure you are probably counting on your FB and Instagram friends and followers.

But, do you know what type of audience you need for those videos?

It’s not even clear, what sort of videos are going to be there waiting for your on ‘your’ website.

For a video to get viral, you either need get super super lucky (you might as well play the lottery, it will cost you less in any case), or need your audience to be numerous and very targeted.


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