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If you were looking on the net for a way to earn some extra cash I’m sure you’ve come across a website called Kids Earn Cash. A while ago I wrote a review of another product Notion Cash, which turns out to be very similar indeed, and this is why I took a closer look to KEC.

What is Kids Earn Cash?

This is a website that claims you will be doing small tasks in exchange for cash.

In fact, the cash they’re promising on their site is excellent. No wonder they have so many people signing up and singing their praises (well, at least at the beginning).

According to their claims, you can earn $2 per click and get $10 per single sign-up, $25 when you join. They work with huge companies like Apple, Walmart… Sounds good. If only.


This is one of the rare occasions that I can’t find one good thing to say about one website.


1. The money you are promised will never be paid out

Firstly, nobody in the industry pays $2 per click for such small tasks. Also, you don’t ever get $10 just for people signing up to a website. This is just to lure you in. Once you are in the system, it looks like you are making money, but trust me, you will never see it. The internet is awash with complaints about the money never being paid out.

2. The testimonials are fake

The dates don’t add up and you can see from these screenshots that things just don’t make much sense.

kids earn cash domain registration dates 202-02-16
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Some of the testimonials are from before the date of registration of the domain. This is a huge red flag. If you have satisfied customers, why would you have to use fake reviews?


3. Kids Earn Cash is a sister site of – Keep Your Personal Details Safe

This website I reviewed recently. In that review, I said how everyone who is even remotely interested in working for these places should stay away and keep their personal details safe. The same goes for KEC.

The main reason why these and similar sites exist is to harvest your personal details. You will give them your name, email, Paypay account details, passwords, etc. After they get all that you can fully expect to be spammed with their offers. Also, they can hack into your Paypay and other accounts if you’ve used your password that you use often.

Email lists are worth a lot of money in the world of internet marketing. Since you’ve searched for making money online products and landed on Kids Earn Cash you are now the ideal target audience they can send related (and relentlesly) offers to. The creators of KEC can sell collected emails and other personal details to the third parties. This is how, in fact, they earn money. And all of it with your seeming consent.

Is Kids Earn Cash a Scam?

I don’t say this often and don’t say it lightly – yes, is a scam. They make promises that they simply don’t have any intention of keeping. You’re given the impression that you’ll be earning money with them, but sadly, that is never going to happen, because all the ‘jobs’ are fake, and the money counter you see in your member’s area is also fake. There is no money being counted. Just wasting your time and effort.

Not only this, but they will use you to promote their site by ‘spreading the message’ to your friends on social media and making YouTube videos for them. Please don’t fall for this scam and don’t invite other people to be scammed eit