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Max Income System makes some bold promises.

For example, some $12,000 per day!?!


That’s a lot of money to earn in one day.

Naturally, when I saw this, I had to check this product out immediately. I’d definitely like to be earning those figures every day. However, being scammed in the past, and also after watching their sales video, my hopes were crushed.

Read on, or watch this video to find out why:

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What is Max Income System?


MIS is the first product in a series that makes up a sales funnel for another product. 

It gives you some training on affiliate marketing. 


Five Reasons to Stay Away from MIS


1. Hyped up

MIS claims you will need only to utilize their 14 steps and start making $50,000 per month.

But, anyone who has done any online business will tell you that making money online, and especially such a huge amount takes time.

You are being misled by being told making money with this (or any other product) is fast.

2. Not your own business

Even if you were to be making money with this product, you will need to be aware of the fact that you are building your business on a platform that belongs to someone else.

What does that mean?

Well, if they decide to pull the plug, your business goes down the drain with them.

There are no guarantees that your business will be safe in case this system is no longer viable if the owners stop updating it.

Just think, if you invest the money and the time in developing an online business with Max Income System, you don’t own any of it.

On the other hand, if you were to develop your own online business on a self-hosted platform and have a website with your own domain, in that case, that would truly be your property and you would not depend on someone else.

If you are serious about earning online, this would be my recommendation.

Also, maybe not to search for products like MIS, because they are all hype and don’t always deliver on their promises.


3. Misleading – this is just a part of a sales funnel for another product

Max Income System is not really an independent product.

It’s a beginning of the sales funnel for the Wealth Academy and their expensive upsells.

When you buy the $47 MIS, you are given some training on affiliate marketing.

From then on, and with that (incomplete) knowledge you can either give up, because you can not start to work online due to the insufficient training, or you can go on to buy more stuff.

And, there is lots to spend your money on here.


4. Upsells

Your private business program advisor is advertised as someone who is going to help you with the setting up of your business.

Actually, what they do is try to sell you the higher ticket offer.

In itself, there is nothing wrong with this, but it’s presented in a different way and I find this also very misleading.

Here are some of the upsells:

Wealth Academy Accelerator – $2,997$

Wealth Academy Elite – $19,999

As you can see, this is some expensive stuff.


5. You have to pay to play

In the training, you are only instructed on how to promote Max Income System.

And you can earn commissions only for the tier you pay for yourself first.

So, the claims that you can earn thousands of dollars in one day are true, but only if you pay thousands of dollars first, and then find someone who will pay thousands of dollars as well.

Some companies who mislead their customers in this way were actually shut down by the authorities (MOBE being one of those companies), so I wouldn’t run and spend large amounts of money on a product like MIS.


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Is Max Income a Scam?


No, I don’t think this product is a scam but it’s quite misleading on many points.

As long as you are aware of the facts I’ve mentioned in this review, you are free to make up your mind on whether to purchase MIS or not. 

I don’t recommend it.

I think it’s way too expensive, no guarantees you will make your money back, your training is limited to only promoting Max Income System. 



What Could You Do Instead?


If you are really serious about making money online, then, by all means, follow MIS advice and get into Affiliate Marketing. 

It’s a legit business model and especially suitable if you are just starting out. 

Affiliate Marketing is when you recommend third party products or services to your audience and when someone buys via your affiliate link, you earn a commission.