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How about an automated system that gives you the opportunity to become a millionaire in less than a year?

How about a system that requires no effort on your behalf, but can still generate you thousands every day?

If such a thing existed, I’d be the first to buy it!

Well, apparently it does exist! So, I had to check it out.

Here’s my Million Dollar Replicator and what I discovered about it:

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What is Million Dollar Replicator?


Million Dollar Replicator is an e-digital product, sold via Clickbank or its affiliates on the net. 

It promises to get you super-rich in no time. 

The sales’ video presents its creator, Michael Sachs (more about him in a bit), who is so very bored of earning loads of cash every day. 

To alleviate his boredom he’s decided to share his ‘secret’ with you. 

Yes, the chosen YOU, because the video, apparently is not available to everyone. 

Just the people they choose.

Also, there were only a few spots left, when I checked it out, so I was under the impression that this product is in great demand. 

Michael Sachs also says that this video is not like all the other sales’ videos out there. He is here, to tell the truth, and reveal his secret methods.

The video also features testimonials from the happy customers, who have earned enough cash to last them two lifetimes. And earned it almost instantaneously. 



This product is sold via Clickbank, so you can get your money back. 




1. The exaggerated claims


Very rarely (if ever) people who are doing the internet marketing earn so much money in such a short period of time.

I can think only of a handful of internet marketers who are achieving that, but they’ve been in business for a while, know their stuff, have a huge following and a team of people working for them. 

If you are a newbie, there is simply no way you can earn that sort of cash. Especially not with this product.


2. The creator of this product, Michael Sachs, does not exist


This is just a made up character. The real owner is unknown. 

Now, why would someone who is so proud of their creation want to remain unknown, unless they have something to hide?

Here’s what you get when you enter the photo of ‘Michael Sachs’ into image duplicate search: 

a stock photo of a man that appears on many different sites
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

This photo is not a photo of a Million Dollar Replicator creator, but a stock photo used by many other companies. 


3. The ‘expert team’ featured on their sales’ page is also a

collection of just stock profile photos and made up names:


expert team photos and names