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Can you earn money but not do much work?

Is this what you are looking for? 😉

I understand, believe me, I do.

Even now (when I know better!) whenever I come across a product like Money Looper, my heart skips a beat and just for a split of a second – I might have found the way to get rich fast.



You know what I’m going to say next:

You cannot get something for nothing, of course!


If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Money Looper does sound too good to be true. But, to be fair to its creators, let’s examine what it has to offer, and give it a fair review. 

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What is Money Looper?


Money Looper is an e-digital product, sold via Clickbank.

It’s a money making online app, and it’s creator says you can get rich with it. Fast.

In its promotional video Mike tells us of his hardship and how he has decided to use

loopholes he’s found in the big ‘systems’ to make money. 

And a lot of it too, every day.




1. Money Looper has a 60day money back guarantee. 

2. You get some training on what you are expected to do. 





1. This is a very hyped up product


You are told you are going to be making tonnes of money with hardly any work.

We all know better, and know this is not possible.

Yet, ‘Mike’ persists in saying how he wants to “get back at the big guys” (we never find out who these guys are), and teach you how to make heaps of cash.


2. The Promo video never actually tells you what are you going to be doing to earn all this money.


You are promised throughout the video that the ‘method’ for making money will be revealed any second now, but alas, that time never comes.

You are left in the dark. 

After 15min of listening to ‘Mike’ whine (sorry to sound harsh, but they really overdid this part) on and on about his misfortunes (ok, we get it, it’s a (made-up, of course) rags to riches story, but they milk it for all it’s worth), you are none the wiser what on earth are you supposed to be doing.

Well, maybe one thing – buy his software! 


3. The Money Looper guys are misleading in their

claims you can earn so much money and misleading in

their claims that you won’t have to do any work. 


I don’t like being misled.

I’m sure you don’t like it too. 


4. The training provided will give you only a small part of what you actually need to know to make money online.


 After you purchase the product, you’ll find out it’s promoting affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is an amazing way to earn money online. I love it. I am doing it myself!


However, just because the water is in front of you it doesn’t mean you know how to swim.

The same thing goes for Money Looper. 

Just because the product you want to promote is there, it doesn’t mean you’ll know how to do it.

You need a step-by-step training. 

Step by step training that will take you to the level of understanding of how affiliate marketing works.

When you have that information you’ll know affiliate marketing doesn’t work as the Money

Looper people will have you believe.


5. The way you are told to promote products is – SPAM!


Money Looper says you can promote the products they suggest (and it is mainly Money Looper itself!) by placing affiliate links on your social media profiles.

Now, if you do that once, maybe it’ll be ok. However, you won’t make any sales form posting it only once.

On the other hand, if you post it more often, it will be seen as spam, and nobody likes that.

Also, your social media profiles’ members/followers are your family and friends, aren’t they?

Do you think they are really interested in some random money making online product?

Of, course they are not.

So, you see, even if you did think for a moment you do have somewhere to promote the products, the more probable scenario is you do not. 


6. This will never be your business


So, we have concluded you’ll need to do some work, and some learning and invest some time, and money possibly (if you are going to do paid advertising).

Still, this is never going to be your business.

This is going to be just a momentary purchase because you got carried away with listening to some fake sad story of one man’s struggle and purchased this product.

You won’t earn any money worth your time and effort with Money Looper.


And, anyway, what happens to you and your livelihood if ML goes out of business? 

No explanation for that eventuality. 

Do you know why? I don’t know for sure but have a strong suspicion that is because they just don’t care. 


You are just expected to buy this software, play with it for a bit, and then forget about it. 

During this time, hopefully, you’ll forget to count your 60 days and you’ll forget to ask for your money