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Notion Cash is a sort of a site that promises to make you money almost instantly and with not much work.

Apparently, $25 when you sign-up, $30 when you complete a certain task and $10 when you get a referral.


When I saw this, I needed to check it out. Mainly because I have not come across a company as yet that will give you free money for just referring people.

Normally, those referrals will have to do/buy something first (and they do! But they are not aware of it. Read on to find out what it is!)


And to top it off, they claim they’ve paid out already some millions of dollars to people who are part of their network.

If this is true, I thought, I have to join…like yesterday!

But, when I did my research, things didn’t look as rosy or promising.

Read my review below to find out what I mean exactly or/and watch this video:


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What is Notion Cash?

Notion Cash is a site where you do various online tasks and then get paid for them.

The tasks consist of you having to visit third-party websites and give your personal details in order to be able to participate.

You also get paid when you refer other people to sign-up.

Once you have reached the minimum earned amount of $250 you can expect to be paid (read on to find out something super important regarding these payments!)


What is Notion Cash Really?

Notion Cash is a site that collects your private data and sells it on to the 3rd party clients.

Email lists are worth a lot of money in internet marketing and websites like this one serve one purpose only and that is to get your personal details.

You will never get paid for any of the ‘tasks’ you do.

So, as I said in the title of this post – keep your email and your personal details close and don’t share it with this company because you don’t know where they’ll end up.


Will You Get Paid by Notion Cash?

Not very likely.

Yes, your numbers on their site go up, but you’ll never see that money.

As I’ve mentioned you need to earn your $250 first, and you will (according to the site info) get paid via PayPal, cheque, or bank transfer.

In their terms of service, they actually say that they reserve the right to cancel the payment, rewards, points.


 We reserve the right to change, suspend, or cancel all or a portion of a Rewards Program, including any points you may have acquired, at any time without prior notice to you.


Notion Cash Doesn’t Say Who is Their Owner


Yet another online company who takes your time and money and doesn’t say who is the person who is responsible for the company.

I always find this a big red flag – if your company is successful why wouldn’t you wish to show your face.

In case of Notion Cash, it’s not difficult to understand why not – if you had such a suspect business, so many unhappy clients, and if you were telling untruths to people, would you want your name to be known?

Yeah, me neither.


Overhyped Claims

Notion Cash people say you can earn even $25,000 in four months.

Maybe in their made-up world where they just display random amounts with no intention of ever paying them out.

In the real world, with the business they offer, this is never going to ha