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Push Button System is an e-digital product that promises to make your heaps of money and all at the push of a button.

Yes, that’s right. All you need to do is to buy the PBS and you will be given a ‘button’ to ‘push’ any time you’d like to earn some money.

Too good to be true?

In the following review, I will go over the main points in this system and will show you evidence of why you should stay away from this product and the similar products in the future.

Name of the Product: Push Button System

Owner: Jay Brown


Recommended: NO

If you’d prefer to watch the video, here it is:


What Is Push Button System?


Push Button System is a system that is somehow going to make you rich through the ‘system’ they never explain.

There are so many of these products online, one should really stay vigilant. You are not very likely to make any money, but will only lose money and your time on trying to make this work, when in reality this system is not capable to make you all the money they’ve promised.

Here are some red flags that further explain why you should not try Push Button System:

1. No Legal Pages on the Website

When you create your business website, one of the first things you need to do is publish your Terms and Conditions and your Privacy Policy. This site does not have either of these two important legal documents. This does not give out the impression that this company can or should be trusted.

2. No Money-Back Guarantee

You can’t get your money back in case you are not happy with Push Button System. I think this is the very first e-digital product that I’ve come across that does not offer a money-back guarantee. If they are so confident you will be making money with their ‘system’ why not promise the money back? Again, a big red flag and I would have not looked any further into this product had it not been for this review. Nowadays you can get money back for absolutely everything you buy, so this is very unprofessional and downright wrong.

3. Overhyped Claims

All the claims in the sales video and on the sales page are so overhyped, I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. To say that you can earn tens of thousands in one day/week/month by just pushing one button whenever you feel like getting some money is very deceiving. There is no business in the world (if there is one, please let me know) that can do that for you. Also, if you are of that mindset that you might believe this even for a second, please consider re-adjusting that view of what earning online looks like.

It’s a business like any other business. You need to learn how to do it and then work on it. Every day. Like you would if you had opened a restaurant, for example. Showing up every day, improving what you do over time will ensure you do, ultimately achieve success. But, I’m sure you know this by now, these things don’t happen overnight.

4. Fake Income Proofs

fake income proof
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All the income proofs in the video are fake. They are just some random numbers and you are supposed to believe they are legit just because they are there. Not very likely.

4. Fake Testimonials

In the sales video it’s said that there will be no actors doing the testimonials (as it happens in most of the similar products online), but guess what? This is exactly what you get – actors doing the testimonials. Trying so hard to look like ‘regular folk’, forever surprised by the amount that has appeared on their bank account.

Even if we suppose for one second this is true, don’t you think these people aren’t really very responsible because they just accept the money on their accounts not even knowing where is it coming from? Would you, in all honesty, do that? I know I wouldn’t and I’m sure you wouldn’t either.

5. Just a Renamed Product from a Previous Scam

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