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One of the most important things for every internet marketer is how to get traffic to their site.

That is what I, too, work on every day.

It’s been suggested to me from a few different sources that maybe I should invest in a traffic generating software to get even more people on my site.

This is why I decided to check out a few products that claim to do just that, and this is what I have found out:

Watch my video and scroll down for the in-depth review. 

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What is Blast4traffic?

Blast for traffic is an e-digital product that claims you’ll be able to reach millions of people and get a huge surge of traffic on your site in no time. 

You just need to pay for the product ($34.50), set up your account and send emails with your links/sites/adds.

That’s it.

There is no training, for this. In truth, you don’t need any training to use this product.



1. It’s sold via Clickbank and you can get your money back. 



1. Even though you might get clicks to your website this will be very low-quality traffic.

What do I mean by that?

The people who will be visiting your site via Blast4traffic are just other internet marketers and they are interested in selling their own products and not buying yours.

This means, the traffic that gets to your site will not be converting, which is what you really want.

Also, it will give your site a high bounce rate, and that is not great for your SEO and SERPs rankings.


2. This product doesn’t have much value and you’ll be wasting your time and money using it.

There are much better ways of getting the traffic to your site than buying software like this.


3. Their testimonials are just some unverifiable text

The one website that is mentioned there is actually unreachable: 

Blast4traffic testimonials screenshot
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

4. Blast4traffic claims you’ll be able to reach 70 million people through their site, but there is no way of actually know how big is their list.

They just throw these numbers around without any real proof. 

I have to conclude that it’s a great possibility that their list is smaller. 


5. Another thing to consider is that all the Blast4traffic members receive many, many

promotional emails. Just imagine if this was you.

Would you even open these emails? Yeap, me neither.

So, yes, you do get to email a great number of people, but that doesn