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Would you like to run your business on automatic pilot?

Hardly anything to learn, just push a few buttons and you’re off?


You know, and I know this is rarely possible. However, the creators of Affiliate Bots claim they will do just that for you with their new product.

I am always curious to find out how can I get out of this ‘old fashioned’ way of affiliate marketing where I create my own content, promote it and get commissions.

What I’d like is to drink my coffee all day long and collect my commissions! Yes, Sir!

And, I bet you would too!

This is why I decided to give Affiliate Bots a go.

What did I find out?

In short:

I’m still here, doing the work (albeit from home, no boss, lunch whenever, home when kids get back from the nursery…), and no automation.

How come, when there is Affiliate Bots in this world? Well, things are not always what they seem.

Read on to find out more…

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What is Affiliate Bots?


Affiliate Bots is an e-digital product, sold via Clicbank, that claims it’ll automate all your affiliate marketing business.

It consists of 17 different programs – Bots, dealing with different aspects of internet marketing business.

The sales’ video says it’s easy to use and to start promoting one of the hundred products they’ll pick for you all you need to do is push some buttons and you’ll be set to start earning online.

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Affiliate Bots is sold via Clickbank so you can get your money back.

If you do end up buying this product be mindful of the time limit for getting your money back.

There is so much stuff here on which to waste your time on, you can easily spend months trying to figure it all out, but which time it’ll be too late to claim your money back.




1. ‘Affiliate insiders’


The narrator keeps referring to the ‘affiliate insiders’ but there is no such thing. There are only affiliates who work hard and the affiliates who don’t.

The latter group actually does not exist because they have given up already and are looking for the next shiny object!

This product is an example of how to make a simple thing complicated.