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Have you ever used a phone application?

Aren’t they great?

When it all works, they can make your life easier and can assist you in almost every aspect of your life.

What is even better is to be one of the first people discovering the new app and sharing it with the world!

Now, if in that process you get paid as well, I think we have found us a perfect place on the net!

Or, have we?


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On with our Appcoiner review…


WHAT IS APPCOINER.COM? is a site where you can check out new apps. You write a review and get paid for it.

According to Appcoiner, you can earn $15-20 per review.

That is really good because you can get paid for doing something fun.

And apparently, it doesn’t take much time either.

So far so good.





The sales page of is really nice. Full of promises and impressive numbers.

There’s even a calculator for you to calculate how much could you earn per week if you did a certain amount of reviews.


Now, what the sales page does not tell you is that you have to pay $27 to join. It is actually $47, but because they like you (or some such thing) they are giving you a price discount.

It’s very easy to find out that the discount is given to everybody, and the price is down to $17 as you try to leave the site.

I don’t like any program where you have to pay to join, no matter how small the amount.

I’ve already lost interest.

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But, because I was doing the research for this article, I continued to dig.

Here’s another thing I found out:

After their video presentation, I was under the impression that Appcoiner has a platform, where you can submit your review of the application you’ve just tested, and you get paid.

And, I was almost right.

Appcoiner do have their platform for submitting the reviews, but you first have to have your own subdomain site set up.

Then, with a hundred’s of other exactly the same sites as your competition, you need to drive traffic to your site, if you are going to make money.

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Since this is a subdomain, it’s very unlikely that the search engines will send you organic traffic. You need to get either paid traffic or promote through social media.

But, even then, you’ll have very little to offer to your visitors at first. You need to write quite a few reviews so the people who do come to your site have something to read.

This could take some time, even though their sales pitch is such that you are under the impression you can start earning immediately.




Here are some general guidelines to follow when writing an App review:


Infographic How to Write a Good App Review