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I am first to admit, I’d love to have me an automated business!

Wouldn’t you?

Just to sit back, relax and wait loads of cash to make way to my bank account.

If this is not a perfect scenario, I don’t know what is!

I came across Auto Chat Profits, and it caught my eye as they were promising exactly what I’ve just said.

This needed to be checked out for sure.

It did sound way too hyped up, but still, I wanted to make sure I’m not my letting my dream business pass me by just because I got scammed before.

Give everyone a fair chance, and all that…

Well, by the end of my research, I knew it was back to my daily blogging and no lying on the beach doing nothing (at least not yet! 😉 ).

This product is never going to make you the money they promise.

Read my detailed review to find out why, and also to find out what’s the alternative that can and will make you money! 

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What is Auto Chat Profits?



Auto Chat Profits is a software product, sold on Clickbank.

It promises to make you loads of cash by selling you an automated website.

This website is operated by a ChatBot, who asks the visitors what they are looking for and finding the suitable Clickbank products to recommend and sell.


You will also get some training in Solo Ads because this is the recommended way of getting the traffic to your site.

If you are just starting out, please don’t venture into Solo Ads, you will lose your money fast.

For a solo ad campaign, you need to work out your advertising strategy.

There is no point in buying traffic this way if you are not super-clear on how to achieve results.

The experts in this field recommend you need to develop a relationship with the people you email.

It’s very unlikely they’ll just buy from you after you send them one email.

They also recommend you have an YouTube Channel so when they open your email and (most probably) don’t decide to buy, you can direct them to your YT Channel so they get to know you better.


So you see, even from the outset, the fact you can just do nothing at all and expect for the money to start pouring in is simply not going to happen.





This product is sold via Clickbank so you can get your money back.



 1. The Owner is Just a Fictional Character 

a disclaimer saying the the narrator in the video is a pen name
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