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If you have an online business, you know that without anyone coming to your site, your business is as good as gone.

Traffic! That magic word on every online marketer’s lips out there.

No traffic – no business.

This is why, when I came across, promising a guaranteed flow of traffic, I couldn’t but check it out.


In addition to this review, I have written a short guide and created an

infographic for you, on How To Drive Free Quality Traffic To Your



Scroll down if you’d like to read that section 🙂


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What is is a website where you can post your ‘blurbs’, ads with your affiliate links.


These ads then get shared across the social media (“social forwarding media system”) by the other participating members and you get traffic to your site.


You get to post a number of times, depending on the membership you hold, but in general, the more active you are the more shares you’ll get for your add.


If you have a FREE membership, you can post 1 ad per day.


UNLIMITED membership $20 will give you the chance to post every 20min, no limitations on how many times. With this membership, you also get a FREE membership to


INSTANT TRAFFIC PACKAGE $7 will enable you to post 72 ads per day for 15 days.


If you look at each of the three ads of your choice for longer than 10 seconds, you qualify for a bonus.


It comes in a shape of making your ad stand out from the rest as a ‘Featured Blurb’. They claim your traffic increases threefold if you use this feature.






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1. You can get your money back. 

 Since this product is being sold via Clickbank, you can ask for your money back


2. There is a FREE version of the product

 I always appreciate when there is a possibility to test-drive the product before you buy. It shows the creators confidence in their product.

 Also, it gives you a chance to see if it’s really for you.


 3. The Instant Traffic Package is a really good offer

 You get to really see how things work for 15 days and I think that is another positive thing about this product.


4.  It’s very easy to use.

 All you need to do is enter some personal details and you are ready to start.


5. They also have support

 If you have an issue with your ad you can submit a ticket and get some support on the matter.


6. It’s quite an inexpensive product and you get a bonus if you buy the Unlimited Membership