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Would you like to earn money with an automated system? No need to worry about anything at all, in fact?

Just one small thing required from you and that’s it!

Hey, I’d love to earn money and not have to do a thing. Count me in…

Read on to find out if CB Passive Income 5.0 really delivers what it promises.


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What is CB Passive Income 5.0?

The Owner


CB Passive Income 5.0 is an e-digital product, created by Patrick Chan and sold by Clickbank.

Patrick Chan is well-known and respected internet marketer with many years of experience in online marketing.

He wrote and co-wrote many books and created many online products in making money online niche.

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Patric Chan is super-successful, so when his new product comes on the market, the net takes notice. And rightly so.

He genuinely wants to help people earn money online and has done quite well in his quest.

The Product

CB Passive Income is a pre-build online business.

When you buy it and register for it, a pre-built landing page is done for you.

You are given a unique affiliate link that you can now promote and drive traffic to your site.

That is about it.

Patrick Chan has done most of the things for you in advance:

– Built the landing pages

– Wrote all the emails

– He does all the promotion


What’s the Training Like?

You will be given some training in Internet marketing.

Also, how to generate leads and promote your affiliate link.

With one of the bonuses, you will be given instructions on how to utilize FaceBook, YouTube, forums and various other internet places for diving traffic.

Another bonus is a webinar training by Patrick Chang himself.

You can get it 30 days after you purchase CB Passive Income.

How Does It Work?

CB Passive Income uses a pretty simple model:

1. Once you get your Landing Page, you need to send traffic to that page

2. The Landing Page also has a free gift that is offered in exchange for the visitor’s email address

3. When their email address enters the system, they get emails from Patrick Chan promoting various products

4. If one of your leads buys something, you get a commission

cb passive income infographic how does it work