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Would you like to get some money while not having to worry about working all day every day?

How about working only 1hour(!) per day?

This sounds good!

I came across this product – Club 365 and it promises exactly that:

No need for investment.

No need to work.

No need for training.


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What is Club 365?

club 365 claims
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Club 365 is an e-digital product that makes some amazing claims.

Honestly, if these guys can deliver all that, this is all the world needs!

So, in the sales video Justin Powell, the creator of this product, says the Club 365 is the definintve online software to make you money.

1. You will need to work only 1 hour every day. That’s it.

2. He has perfected the system in such a way, he’s managet to tap in the secrets of the many ways of making money online, like, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, crypto, and surveys.

It’s just as well it’s all automated, because, if you are a beginner there is no way you’d be able to generate income from all these streams.

There is so much to learn and implement, you simply couldn’t do it.

3. Club 365 in J.P’s words is a family and you will receive up to date info every month. This information will be in regard to the new developments in the online industry and is going to be of huge help.

4. Also, the time Club 365 is available is limited. In a short time, it’s going to be taken down either by the owner or by the angry competition who are fearing for their livelihood from this amazing product.

Let’s analyze the claims step by step:


1. You’ll need to work only 1 hour every day

This, of course, is