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So, here we are.

Yet another Clickbank product promising loads of money in exchange for a nominal fee.

Would you like to give it a go?

I must admit, it does sound amazing!

$3000 every day?!? Yes, please.


However, before you buy, please read my review (or watch the video) because I’ve got some interesting discoveries to share with you.

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What is Crypto Coin Sniper?


CCS is software sold via Clickbank that says will make you money by trading Bitcoin.

This is an automated system – all is done for you, so all you have to do is place your daily bets and that’s it. 

The money will flow your way in their thousands.


In the sales video, the owner of this product doesn’t really tell us how this system works. 

Or, what happens if the system doesn’t work and you lose your money.




If you’ve bought it via Clickbank you can get your money back.




1. Fake owner


Paul Scott is just a pen name.

He is not the owner of this product.

This is always such a huge red flag for me.

If you have an amazing product like Crypto Coin Sniper is supposed to be, why would you want to hide?

Why not show your face to the world?

Also, if something goes wrong with your product, your client would like to have someone to ask for help. 


At the platform where I learn about affiliate marketing and where I host my websites, the owners are active there daily. We know who they are and we can ask them for help at any time. 

This is how you build the trust with your clients.

But, that only goes for companies, products, owners who are here to stay. Who are here to stick around and scale their business. 

Here, this is not the case. 


How do I know?


Because Crypto Coin Sniper is very similar to some other Clickbank products I’ve reviewed. I believe CCS is a re-hashed version of eCom Profit Sniper and AZ Code.


What does this tell us? 


That the owners of CCS just want to take your money and run.

They have no plans to stick around and help you make the promised money. 

As I write this, I’m sure they are already filming the next sob-story-promo-video and re-naming this very product for the next “new” product launch.


2. Fake testimonials


The people reciting the testimonials in the promotional video are all actors. 

I’ve seen some of them in some other online scam products. 

They can be found on a site called Fiverr. 


Now, what bothers me is, if you have successful clients, why do you have to hire actors to act as your successful clients?

Surely, if people are really making money with this product, there would be no need for hired actors with written out scripts.

Big, big red flag here. 


3. Overhyped earning potential claims


You are never going to make $3000 in a day with this product. Never.

Especially nowadays when Bitcoin is not at its peak, and all I hear about it is that people are not making money with it as easily as they used to.