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Aren’t we lucky to live in this amazing, automated age?

We can even earn via automated systems that practically do the work for us.

Or, that’s the idea, at least.

Easy Cash Club claims to have your financial future sorted out by giving you the use of their software. 

I did pay the ‘nominal price’ for the ‘free’ software (no, I don’t get it either, but that’s how they put it), and this is what I’ve found out:

Watch this video for the review or scroll down for the written out version 🙂 Thanks!



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What is Easy Cash Club?


Easy Cash Club is an online e-digital product, sold via Clickbank.

It claims it will teach you how to earn money on YouTube.

Apparently, it’s an automated service and all you need to do is just to buy it, watch some training videos and you’ll be ready to have a YT Channel that brings you healthy income.


You also get an e-book that deals with a separate matter entirely – PTC (pay to click).

Not sure how the two are related, or why are they part of the same products, but there they are.




1. It’s sold on Clickbank so you can get your money back

2. The entry price is quite low ($37 and you get a $20 discount with the exit pop-up)

3. The training videos are not too bad. You do learn the basics of how to run your YouTube


I have to add, this information is nothing you can not find for free on the net, but maybe the $17 is worth having it assembled for you in one place.



4. There is quite a lot of info on PTC in the 51pg long e-book

You get a detailed description of what PTC is and suggestions on which companies to join to start earning through PTC. 

Again, this info you can get online for free; here you have it in one place.






1. No show owner

As it is the case with the similar products of this type, the owner is a no show.

The person, who is just the narrator in the video is just posing as a creator of the product.

The name is made up and the story told is also just a very good copy written by the professional writers. 

If your product is so good why not show your face? Why hide your identity?

My guess is because they know the claims they make are simply unsustainable, they don’t want to deal with the complaints that are sure to follow from anyone who’s bought this and tried to achieve the promised results.

Even in their earnings disclaimer they say there are no guarantees that the results claimed are based on fact but they are just a projection on possible earnings. 

Or, as I read it: 

Wishful thinking.

2. Hyped-up earning potential

Yes, you can earn any amount of money online and claims Easy Cash Club makes are not impossible.

What is impossible is to make that sort of money with this products and with the time they say you’ll need.

Earning money online, and on YouTube takes hard workknowledgege, and time.

There are some good examples of how you can start your YT Channel and monetize it. But, the simplified process as it is described here is not what happens in real life.

3. Upsells

There are quite a few upsells and downsells that come with this product.

1st Upsell:

Make 400% More Money 4x Faster – $97

Dowsell for this is $77

Downsell 2 – $47


2nd Upsell:

Make Up To $12,392 a Week – Phone Money Method $75

Downsell 1 – $55

Downsell 2 – $35


3 For 1 Offer – $47

1. Social Media Cash

2. Unlimited Access Module

3. Phone Money Method

Downsell 1 – $27

Downsell 2 – $17



4. Fake testimonials

The testimonials given in the promo video and the sale’s page are fake. They are not the real users of Easy Cash Club. 

So, the question is, if this product is so good why not use the testimonials of one of the real users?


5. Unrealistic expectations

If you think you should be starting your business on Youtube – you are absolutely right. 

The internet users are moving towards YT and video content in general.

However, there are some unrealistic expectations in Easy Cash Club and you should be aware of that.

Getting rankings, viewes, and suscribers is not as easy as the creators of ECC would like you to believe.


Is it possible? Yes, definitely.

Is it as fast and easy as they claim? No, it is not. 

Should you do it anyway? Absolutely. 


Just, make sure you get a more rounded training about what it takes to run a business online. 

Ideally, what you want, is your own business online, that will make you money through the various platforms online.

A website, social media channels, and YouTube. 

Combined together will make sure your income is safe, and even if YT decides to close you channel (which happens often), or FB decides to shut your page or a group, you still have other sources of traffic and income. 


6. Training

There are some videos included in the Easy Cash Club as a part of the training. 

You can find s