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Do you dream of an early retirement? Yeap. Who doesn’t?

To have the luxury to receive a large income every month (every day, even better) and not a financial worry in the world, would be amazing.

I’ve come across a program that offers you the opportunity to do just that. 

Make money via an automated system, that requires no more than 20min of work per day. 

Wow. Count me in! I’d love to earn loads of cash and not to have to work much. It would suit me just fine.

This is why I’ve decided to take a closer look and discover what is Easy Retired Millionaire. Can it make you money the easy way, or is it just too good to be true?

Read on, to find out 🙂


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What is Easy Retired Millionaire?

Easy Retired Millionaire is an e-digital product, sold via Clickbank. 

In its sale’s video, you are promised lots of money, every day and you won’t have to do any work either.

In fact, the owner of this product is so confident you’ll make money with them, he is building you a cash making site ‘live’ while you watching the video (more about this later).

Apparently, there is a secret system (isn’t there always?) that enables you to tap into some amazing (yet secret) source that will make you so rich and so fast you’ll be retiring before you know it. 



Easy Retired Millionaire is sold via Clickbank so you are guaranteed to get your money back. 




1. This product is overhyped

The stuff these people claim ERM can do for you is just so over the top, I can not believe anybody would fall for it.

Whoever believes you can earn that amount of money online and in such a record time? 

They better give up soon because they are on their way to be conned out of lots of cash. 


2. The site is not made for you while you’re watching the video

The narrator says they are going to build you a site while you are watching the video. 

How can they possibly do that when the video is prerecorded and they have no idea who you are? 

It’s just a gimmick. Really hope you didn’t fall for that one. 


3. There are many upsells

The initial price of $47 will just get you to the upsell landing page. There you will be again pressured to buy, and buy now. 

So, their claims that you can start earning immediately after you’ve purchased the product are false. 

What you can do after you’ve bought their product is – buy another one. And another one. 


4. No Earnings Disclaimer Policy


When you click to their Earnings Disclaimer Policy link you will be taken to the landing page and the same video. 

They don’t have Earnings Disclaimer Policy and that is very strange.

I hope it’s just a genuine mistake. 

However, if they did have it they would have to be honest and just come clean that you cannot earn the amounts that are being advertised and some other things too. For example:


5. All of the testimonials are fake

The actors doing the testimonials are all for hire on Fiverr. 

Also, they ‘star’ in some other product’s videos. 

The way they talk and everything they say is scripted. 

If you have a program that is doing so well, why would you have to employ actors to do your testimonial videos?


6. You have no idea what are you selling/promoting

You are never told what is it exactly that you’d be promoting. 

Isn’t that one of the most important things?

Why should you be expected to pay for a program that doesn’t have the basic decency to inform you of what is it that you’d be promoting?




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A Short Guide On How to Start e-Mail Marketing: Collecting e-Mails

The owners of the Easy Retired Millionaire are experts at e-mail marketing. They know how valuable a good email list is. 

To repeat what has been said many times before – 

The Money is in The List. 

Nobody likes to be sold stuff by a person or a brand they’ve never seen or heard of before. 

The stats say you need to make a contact on average 7 times before someone decides to buy. 

And this is where email marketing can help you. You can develop a relationship with your potential customers/clients. 

Through an email campaign you can ask them what is it they would like you to help them with.

You can provide value and then try to pitch a product or a service for a fee.

People you email will feel more comfortable to whip out their credit card and buy from you if they’ve had a chance to know you and trust you.