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In the sea of money making products online, there is a special category of those which make such crazy claims, that you can not but to check them out.


I mean 44K per month, sounds sweet.

So, I decided to find out what is eCom Profit Sniper; is it a scam or is it a legit and useful product.

Congratulations on taking your time to investigate before you buy.

I’ve done the legwork for your, so please read on and find out whether the claims of a get-rich-quick are genuine or just another bait to get you to part with your hard-earned cash!


What is eCom Profit Sniper?

What is Ecom profit sniper
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eCom Profit Sniper is a software product that claims:

1. You will be making over 44K per month within the first months of starting your business.

2. You’ll have to work only 20min a day.


If you’d like to check out this product yourself, here is my affiliate link for



This is a low-grade product on how to do e-commerce.

If anyone thinks they can build the e-commerce store in no time, work at it 20min a day and then be earning this crazy amount of money – they should:

1. Either continue reading this review and try to learn something from it

2. Not bother with working online altogether

Otherwise, you are, for sure, on your merry way to lose a great deal of money, time, and effort!





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Tom Parker (fictitious owner) in their introductory video keeps talking of this big secret that is going to be revealed to you as soon as you part with your cash (and email address!).


This secret is so secret that nobody has ever heard about it.

Except for all the people who bought this program, of course.

And upon the revelation of what this secret is, we learn that it is….wait for it………Shopify!!!


THAT’s the secret???

Everyone who has spent even a little time researching on the internet has heard of Shopify.

Nothing secret about that.





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Once you are in the member’s area, the eCom Profit Sniper show you videos on how to set up:

Category Selection Slide

Product Finding

Adding Oberlo Extention

Alli Pay and Oberlo

Collection Creation

Adding Products

Facebook Page

Facebook Post

Facebook Pixel

So as you can see, there is a s