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How cool would that be, if a product like Explode My Payday, could actually do what it says on the tin!?!

If I could really explode my payday, it would mean I could buy my kids and me a new home, new car and take us on a nice holiday. Wouldn’t that be just so cool?

This is why the title of this product got my attention.

However, from the past experiences, I’ve learned to check the software like this very carefully.

Once burned – twice shy! Yeap, and then some!

Here’s what I’ve found out about Explode My Payday:



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What is Explode My Payday?


EMP is an e-digital product sold via Clickbank.

It promises to get you earning over $1000 per day in no time.

The sales video claims they have an automated system that will start making money for you immediately.

The video features many testimonials and claims of how much money you can make with EMP.


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1. Relatively cheap

2. Since it’s sold via Clickbank, you can ask for a refund


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