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Wouldn’t it be just great if there was an automated system that would do all the e-commerce stuff for you?

You just buy it and the rest is done for you!

Hey, I like the sound of that. And Fast Cash Club could be the answer to all our prayers.

If you’d like to find out if that is so, please read on.

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What is Fast Cash Club?

In the sales video, we find out Fast Cash Club is the first drag and drop e-commerce system for Shopify.

Price: $37

Upsell #1 $97 Gold Package – Shopify Store

Upsell #2 $297 Traffic and Dropshipping Booster

What you get when you get into the member’s area is first a list of tools that you need for your Shopify store. This is very basic information.

Then you get a PDF Shopify Secret Guide. In this section you are given an overview of how Shopify works, why should you set up a Shopify store.

And some guidance on how to do it Nothing you couldn’t find out for yourself on the net.

And for free too!


The second, 15pg PDF, Shopify Secrets is just a longer version of the first PDF.

One of the titles is “…the Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know”.

There are no secrets. And we have no idea who is ‘they’.

There are two more not very informative PDF’s on offer as well:

Shopify Checklist and Shopify CheatSheet.

a screen shot of a sales video for fast cash club
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The sales video for Fast Cash Club is a copy-paste video in its format, of all the other no good programs I’ve reviewed on this site.

One of the strange things in the sales video is when the narrator says you are watching this video because he wants you to watch it.

You are the right person to watch it. And he is selecting people who are going to see the video.

That’s untrue. Anybody can watch this video.

Anybody at all.

The narrator keeps saying that he could pull the video down at any point and you better watch it now.

Also, he says he’s let some people join the system like there’s some special selection required.

This is just to make you feel like it’s better than it is.

And, it’s no good at all.

John Harris says he is taking just another 20 members under his wing to help them change their lives.

He is also very concerned that his system might become too well-known. Honestly, I had to laugh.

Why would that be a problem?

And if it is a super secret system, why on earth are you selling it on Clickbank??

Apparently, he is taking the power from the e-commerce kingpins and putting that power into your hands – whatever that means.

He is constantly saying he is going to say what the secret method is but keeps delaying the explanation and then in the end not saying anything at all.

No substance. Nothing.