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What is one thing we’d all like?

Yeap, to get rich. 

And fast. 


Fast Profits promises to get your money with the speed of light. That is the only way we can describe the claims they make. 

$1700 every single day? Yes, please!


On the other hand, we all know, the feeling when something sounds too good to be true.

When I came across this product, that is how I felt so thought to better check it out.


And a good job I did!

Read on to find out if you should consider buying Fast Profits.

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What is Fast Profits?


Fast Profits is an e-digital product sold via Clickbank. 

They claim to be in a position to make you very rich, very fast. 

What they do in fact, is invest money in binary options and apparently, the profit margins are insanely high.




1. Since Fast Profits is being sold on Clickbank, you can get your money back.




1. Overhyped claims


Fast Profits promotional video is full of hyped up claims that they don’t have any way of proving, nor making to start with. 

You are presented with some printed numbers but any of us can do that in GoogleDocs. so why are we expected to believe any of it is anybody’s guess.

To make $1700 per day online is possible, but it won’t be this product that makes it for you.

Nor it would be instantaneous. 

For this amount to get to your bank account, you will have to work. And work hard. Just like you’d be working on any other business. 


2. You are never told in the sales video what you’d be actually

doing if you purchase Fast Profits


During the video, you are just told over and over again how much money you’d be supposedly making. 

However, you are never told what you’d be doing or how is this money being made.

Right next to the video you can join by entering your name and email. The term ‘join’ here means being taken straight to the payment page. 

So, you are expected to pay $37 without having the slightest idea of what you are buying. 


3. The owner doesn’t show up


We don’t know who the owner of this product is. 

We just hear (an actor’s) voice and a name being mentioned, but I very much doubt that this is the owner. 

If you were earning so much money and wanted to share your money making methods, surely you’d want to do that yourself. 


4. Sales techniques used by Fast Profits


In the promotional video for Fast Profits you are told you are watching this video because of either, your geographical location or because someone who likes you (hehehe these guys even have a sense of humor) sent you this video.


You can watch this video wherever you are and anybody can watch it whenever they like.

And just when you think things can’t get any funnier, you are asked not to share this video with anybody. Why not?

There is no explanation for this as such, so I take it it’s just another meaningless sentence in this long, 5min video. 


5. What happens if you lose your money?


In their disclaimer, they state they do not promise you’ll make money, that this is not a get rich scheme, that there is no guarantee you won’t lose your money. 

And yet, all the way through their promo video you are told exactly the opposite. 

Which one is it?

Well, I am pretty sure I know which one it is. 


Fast Profits Disclaimer
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