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Filling in surveys always seems like a good way to earn money. At least at the beginning.

It’s an easy job. You don’t need any training and don’t need to invest too much time either.

As a side income, it could be a solution for so many financial worries for so many of us.

Enter Gold Opinions!

They can scale this business of survey filling and similar to such a way that you can earn more money than with your day job.

Or, at least that is what they claim they’ll do for you.

Their promises were just so good, I couldn’t resist to check it out, and this is what I’ve found out.

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Gold Opinions is an e-digital product sold through Clickbank. 

In its sale’s video, they claim you’ll be able to make loads of money by filling in surveys. 

You are under the impression that Gold Opinions are going to supply those surveys for you and that you’ll be paid by them.




1. Since it’s sold via Clickbank, you can get your money back.

2. You get a $1 trial period, and I think this is always a positive thing. 

If you can test drive the product, you can then decide if you’d like to commit and purchase the full membership.



1. You should never pay the membership for any site just to fill in surveys.

There are so many out there you can just join for free.

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