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If you’d like to get rich quick, the guys at Income Elite Team say they have a solution for you.

They promise to do what we all secretly dream of – to make us rich, with no work either.

Who could pass on an offer like that?

However, often these claims that are too good to be true, turn out to be just that.

So, I had to see what’s this product really about.

Here’s the result of what  I’ve found out; but just as a sneak preview, let me say, I ain’t ordering my Aston Martin just as yet.

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What is Income Elite Team?


IET is an e-digital product sold via Clickbank.

It’s a platform where you are trained to make money online in various ways:

1. PLR

2. Email Marketing

3. Flipping Websites

4. Copywriting

5. Youtube

6. Property Investment

7. Digital Product Creation/Production

This list is just some of the ways in which you can expect to monetize your business with Income Elite Team.


You get your training via PDFs, videos, and ebooks.

This platform claims it’s for all levels, from newbies to pros. 

How Does Income Elite Team Work?


This is a copy-paste system where you just do what the owners of this program have done to make their money.

In their presentation video, they have quite a few income reports to prove their system does indeed work.

But, I have to add, they never actually say, in the presentation video what is it that they actually do.



1. Some of their training is ok if you need to get the basic knowledge of internet marketing

Some of the video lessons are not bad. You will get some good information on how internet marketing works.

However, in my opinion, not enough info to really grasp what is involved in making money online.

Maybe if you are a more experienced internet marketer, but then, an experienced marketer would probably not build their business on a platform like this one.


2. It’s sold via Clickbank, which means you can get your money back.





1. The Income Elite Team’s team is nowhere to be seen or found

The founders or creators of this product are nowhere to be seen.

There are some photos of them on the site but that is it.

To me, it doesn’t look too convincing.

If you have such a great product and are actively inviting people to spend their money on that same product, the least you can do is show your face.

(But, I think I know the answer to why this is the case. Read on…)


2. The misleading price


You can join this platform for only $2.95!

This is the price you get offered as you try to exit their super-long sales page.


Income Elite Team pop-up discount price offer
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There is no mention of their upsells in the sales page or their sales’ video.


However, there are upsells and there work out quite expensive in the end:


1. $57 per month to have your websites

2. $39.95 – $69.95 for the traffic packages

3. $197 per month Video Va