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Let’s face it:

We’d all love to have lots of money and the financial freedom to do whatever we like, whenever we like.

We’d also like to achieve this state:

1. By not doing much work (or preferably, not doing any)

2. And, in a very short space of time (like…now!)


This is why products like Income League attract our attention instantly. Or, at least they attract my attention instantly!

Heck, I’d love to be rich and free to travel or whatever, and not do any work. That would suit me, and you just fine.

So, here’s what I’ve found out about Income League:


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What is Income League?

a clip from a sales video of Income League
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Income League is an e-digital program, that promises you an almost automated service for you to make money.

All you need to do is to place “some small adds” here and there and the money will come pourings.


The creators and the owners of this product, Matthew Neer and Jamie Lewis star in their sales video.

They exchange various dialogs where Matthew shows Jamie his income reports and Jamie acts surprised.

Or, Matthew talks about earning loads of cash every day, while Jamie is stunned…you get the gist.


All I can say, I hope they are better marketers than actors!

And they are.


Matthew Neer truly does earn lots of money doing the affiliate marketing.

He has many products he has created in the past and has done well with them.

How Does Income League Work?

screen shot of sales video
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