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Do you dream of never having to go to work ever again?

Mass Income Machines promises to help you make money fast and make money in an easy way.

I’d really like that!

However, since the internet is littered with similar products, and they haven’t turned out to be exactly amazing, I decided to check this one out and write this review.

The review below is what I have found out.


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What is Mass Income Machines?

Mass Income Machines is an e-digital software, marketed and sold via Clickbank.

It claims it can make you lots of money in a very short space of time.

In the sales video, you are promised a key to a secret way of making money. A secret source that has been kept from you all this time. 

Jacob Allan the key spokesperson for this product says you are going to make money on auto-pilot.


How Does Mass Income Machines Work?

When you buy this product, you will be taken to the member’s area.

Here you will find access to some video and PDF training.

This is a basic training in internet marketing. 




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The product is relatively cheap. 

You can ask for your money back. 



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1. The earning potential claims are unrealistic

The claims in the sales video are impossible to achieve.

Even if you don’t know anything about internet marketing, you can presume it is, in the end, a business, just like any other. 

Can you think of at least one business where you pay $47 and start earning thousands within a day? All that without any work or effort?

Yeap. Me neither.

It’s never going to happen. 

The sales video is an emotional hard-sell where you’re encouraged to just act on impulse, buy and think about what is it that you bought later.


2. You will not need to work for this system